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Never Pull A Rope Again

Anyone who has spent time on a square range knows there need to be periodic ceasefires in order to check and patch or replace targets. If you’re on your own range, it’s easy but time consuming. On a public range, the periodic halts can throw your training off. If you’ve ever shot in competitions, you know that resetting and patching targets is a contributor to match length.

What if there were an easier way to shoot and reset targets?

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NY Gov Cuomo Latest Gun Grab

image of the heading of the US Bill of Rights
Governor Cuomo is at it again. Invoking emergency powers given him during the pandemic, the governor has declared a "gun violence disaster emergency" as he seeks, in our opinion, to remedy a reputation hit by his dreadful mishandling of COVID (esp ...

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AR Freeman Plate Carrier Overview

Many armor carriers can be bulky and cumbersome to use. We saw the need for a carrier and armor combination suitable for smaller individuals or customers looking for a minimalist rig. Enter the AR Freeman™.

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Independence Day 2021

For 245 years, America has stood as a beacon of freedom and democracy. But liberty is not free...its price is eternal vigiliance.

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Tourniquets Can Save Your Life

In a medical emergency, seconds count, especially in cases of extreme bleeding from a leg or arm injury. When direct pressure or other measures can’t stop the bleeding, a tourniquet might be the item you need. 

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Unite or Die

Image of 8 sectioned snake, each piece representing a colony or group of colonies, with the wording "Unite or Die" underneath the image
Liberty is under attack, and has been for some time. In order to reclaim it, we cannot fight for it alone. Freedom-loving people of all walks of life must band together in a coordinated effort to keep politicians from abridging our freedoms even more, and to reverse what has been done.

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The Right to Liberty

Broadly speaking, Liberty is the freedom to do what one wants, or freedom from captivity or restraint. But Liberty is more than eating Oreos whenever you want or being able to petition the government for redress. Liberty also means spiritual freedom, not just the absence of physical restrain, despotism, or tyranny.

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The Unalienable Right to Life

The Founding Fathers recognized human rights are grounded in human nature because human nature is created by God. Given an equal and universal human nature, there are universal human rights based on universal moral principles.  Among these ...

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Anti-Self Defense Legislation Update

Two pieces of anti-gun legislation have passed the House of Representatives and are now in the Senate.

  • H.R. 8 H.R. 8 makes it illegal for citizens to trade, transfer, or sell your privately owned firearms without going through a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).
  • H.R. 1446 increases the current waiting period from 3 days to as many as 21 days if the FFL doesn’t receive an approve/deny determination from the FBI NICS background check.

We urge you to contact your U.S. Senator and demand they oppose these and any other anti-freedom bills that they may consider.

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