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Plate Carriers

Armored Republic Plate Carriers

Body armor is only useful if you actually wear it. That's why we have intentionally designed a lineup of unique plate carriers aimed at serving different types of users across various scenarios. Whether it's our top-of-the-line Valkyrie that is 100% designed, sourced, and manufactured in the U.S. or our signature Testudo that accommodates plates up to 11x14 inches in size, we've got you covered in every situation.

Learn more about our Armored Republic plate carriers in our Knowledge Base.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a plate carrier? 
The primary use of a plate carrier is to carry body armor, which provides protection against ballistic threats. Externally, a plate carrier can hold pouches, IFAKs and other equipment that are mounted on the carrier's MOLLE webbing. Armored Republic offers a variety of different types of plate carriers. Read more in our Knowledge Base article: Which Plate Carrier Should I Get?
What's the difference between a chest rig and a plate carrier? A plate carrier is just that, a method to carry armor plates. A chest rig is a placard or preconfigured group of pouches that are only meant to address the external functions of a plate carrier. That is, they hold your gear but do not hold your body armor plates.

How do I set up my plate carrier?
How you set up your carrier will be determined by your range of usage or mission needs. To help give some guidance and recommended best practices, Armored Republic has put together a helpful guide on how to set up your plate carrier.
Do plate carriers come in different sizes? Yes, plate carriers most notably have two sizes you need to be aware of. One size for the wearer and the other for the armor that goes into it. Usually, these two sizes are relevant. For example, someone who needs an XXL-sized carrier will also probably need larger-sized plates. Always make sure to take note of what plates the carrier uses and what size range the plate carrier will adjust to. Most carriers are one size fits most with almost all carriers offered by Armored Republic being between an adult male t-shirt size Medium - XXL.
Will a plate carrier stop a bullet? No. A plate carrier needs body armor plates to protect you from a bullet. What kind of bullet- is contingent on the protection level rating of the body armor.  
Do plate carriers stop spalling or fragmentation? Possibly. Logically speaking, the fragmentation and/or spalling that can be stopped by your carrier is lower velocity. High-velocity fragmentation can still penetrate outward of the plate carrier. This is why fragmentation mitigation is important for the armor used in the plate carrier.
Are plate carriers legal? Can civilians own them?
Yes, plate carriers are legal and civilians can own them. Body armor, on the other hand, is legal in all 50 states with the exception of Connecticut and New York
Can you wear a plate carrier in public? Depends. There are only a few states and jurisdictions where possessing body armor without legal means can pose a risk to your freedom. Always check and follow your local laws and ordinances.  
Can you wear a plate carrier on a plane? Yes, but at the discretion of the TSA. According to the TSA, body armor is allowed in a checked bag or carry-on, however, officers have the final say on whether it is allowed through the checkpoint. This may be divulged down to context. You may be able to bring on a Phoenix Armored Backpack while showing up to the security checkpoint in a Testudo Plate Carrier may result in a missed flight.