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AR Freeman Plate Carrier Overview

We frequently get questions from customers about our AR Freeman plate carrier asking us the intent of the Freeman’s size and who it’s designed for.

Many armor carriers can be bulky and cumbersome to use. We saw the need for a carrier and armor combination suitable for smaller individuals or customers looking for a minimalist rig.

The result was the AR Freeman, a compact plate carrier large enough to cover your vitally important center mass organs, yet small enough to fit into a backpack or under a car seat.

Small plate carrier, big performance

The Freeman’s proprietary 9” x 9” Level III armor plate offers customizable coverage depending on how you insert the plate into the carrier. Inserting the plate with the “wide side” up gives you a little more coverage at the top, while having the wide side down gives your arms a little more freedom of movement.

The Freeman is made of Cordura® and Cordura® laminate giving it strength where needed without being stiff. The front plate pocket features 6 rows by 6 columns of laser-cut slots for use with MOLLE-compatible pouches and accessories, large enough for a triple rifle magazine pouch.

The Freeman features adjustable Hypalon® shoulder straps for strength, low profile, and easy customization. To adjust the straps, simply undo the Velcro and line up where you want them to be. If you have any excess strap, the 1” square stitched pattern keeps the strap from unravelling while allowing for easy trimming of any excess strap.

So, who is the Freeman designed for?

With its compact design, the Freeman is well suited for people under 5’9” tall. The Freeman is also useful for people looking for a more minimalist carrier design, and is compact enough to easily keep in your vehicle or a backpack.

Remember, the armor you have with you will always be better than the armor that's left in your closet because it's big and bulky. So if you’re looking for armor that’s easily transported and a bit more manageable than a full-size carrier, give the AR Freeman a look.