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Never Pull A Rope Again

We don’t know if it’s just us, but a trip to the firing range involves several challenges to overcome

  • Never having enough ammo
  • Not having as much time as we want
  • Walking downrange to reset or patch targets

While we can’t help you with the first two items, we can help with the third.

A range of options

Anyone who has spent time on a square range knows there need to be periodic ceasefires in order to check and patch or replace targets. If you’re on your own range, it’s easy enough to do, just time consuming. 

On a public range, the periodic halts can throw your training off. There’s also the need to worry about people behind you as you walk downrange. While most public ranges run safe operations, it only takes one time for things to go sideways. If you’ve ever shot in competitions, you know that resetting and patching targets is a contributor to match length.

What if there were an easier way to shoot and reset targets?

That’s exactly the thought Navy SEAL Master Chief (ret.) Jim Hoy had in mind when he designed the TMG Target Systems automatic reset targets.

When he retired, he knew he’d want a shooting range on his property, but he also didn’t want to have to pull a rope or walk downrange to reset steel or patch cardboard targets. So he designed his own targets.

Never pull a rope again

The result was the SR-1 Short Range Target System, LR-1 Long Range Target System, and the Reset Silhouette.

The SR-1 comprises 4 locking targets and 1 reset target. The locking targets lock back when struck by a 9mm or larger handgun, and release when the reset target is struck. The SR-1 can be used with handgun calibers like .9mm or larger, or with small rifles such as 5.56x45/.223 or .300 Blackout or similar. The minimum safe distance for handguns is 10 yards for handguns and 100 yards for rifles.

For large caliber rifles such as 7.62x51, .30-06, .300 WinMag, or .338 Lapua, there’s the LR-1 Long Range Target System. Similar in design to the SR-1, the LR-1 automatic reset target features 2 locking targets and 1 reset target. The minimum safe distance for the LR-1 is 100 yards, but you can easily place this target several hundred yards away. 

For more precision work, take a look at the Reset Silhouette. Made of the same hardened steel as the SR-1 and LR-1, the Reset Silhouette features a 5.5” locking target and a 4.5” reset target and is excellent for more precise marksmanship. It works with both handguns and rifles, with safe operating distances of 10 yards and 100 yards, respectively.

Accuracy counts

One of the benefits of training with TMG automatic reset targets is that you’ll get more feedback than just ‘ringing steel.’ TMG targets’ are designed to lock back only when struck in the “sweet spot” of the target. 

This forces the shooter to make shot placement count, versus just “ringing steel.” The locking targets also give a visual confirmation that you’ve not only struck the target, but also hit it accurately enough to engage the locking mechanism. This is very helpful at long distance using the LR-1 or Reset Silhouette. 

To show the targets in use, Master Chief Hoy met up at the range with a retired SEAL team colleague for some friendly competition, which we captured in the video below. 

Easy to set up, easy to tear down

Setting up TMG target’s is easy...just a couple of 2x4s (SR/LR) or a 4x4 (Reset Silhouette), some deck screws and a power drill/driver are all that’s needed, though you could use a standard screwdriver if you’re into that kind of self-abuse. 

Just insert the legs (SR/LR) or post (Reset), drive in the screws to hold it in place, and you’re ready to go. The Reset Silhouette’s support post will need legs/stabilizers if it’s not driven into a post hole. 

With proper care, TMG targets will give you years of service.  For more information on the TMG Target Systems lineup, visit us at www.https://www.ar500armor.com/targets.html