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At the Armored Republic, we are proud to serve those who serve us in their duties to protect the God-given rights of every free man. We make Tools of Liberty and it's an honor to equip servants of the rule of law, from medics to magistrates, with the tools they need to defend our constitutional republic, both as individuals and departments.


Purchasing as an individual

As our nation’s military personnel, federal agents, law enforcement officers, and 1st responders continue to deal with the increase in volatile and life-threatening situations Armored Republic® is driven to provide high-quality armor, carriers, accessories, and training products to the agencies, departments, and men and women on the frontline who protect our beloved nation and communities. We are proud to introduce the National Guardian Program

  • 10% of sales go to the charity or association of your choice
  • 25% off non-promotional products
  • 5% off promotional products
  • Expedited processing/delivery
  • Access to promotional and clearance items
  • Access to products not available to civilians

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If you're currently not interested in our National Guardian Program, we offer a multi-use discount code to military, law enforcement, and first responders. To receive a discount code, we simply ask that you email our support team: We ask that you send us any form of credentials to verify your status, this can be any of the following: Photo of an ID, letterhead, email from an official account, etc. We will then send you the discount code to use at the checkout, providing 10% off body armor, plate carriers, and complete plate carrier packages with armor that are not on promotion or sale.


Purchasing for a Military/LE/Fire/Security Department

To receive a quote from one of our agency consultants to fulfill the needs of your department or agency, please fill out the information below: