AR500 ArmorĀ® Spall and Fragmentation Coating

Base Coat: A protective coating included (free of charge) on all of our steel armor. Specifically designed to both protect the armor from the elements, and protect you from any spall or fragmentation. While the base coat provides increased protection from spall and fragmentation mitigation, the goal of the Base Coat isn’t to fully contain it, but instead, absorb what it can and change the path of the rest, away from the operator. The Base Coat is effective at this, and should be chosen to maintain a thin profile.

Build-up Coat: An extra-thick layer of our protective coating. This upgrade option adds superior protection from spall and fragmentation compared to our base coat. It adds a small amount of weight and size, but a large amount of protection, well worth it!  The Build-up coat will increase the thickness of your plate by approx. 0.5” and add ¾”lb.

Spall and Fragmentation mitigation properties vary widely and your results will vary. Variables such as distance, round, velocity, barrel length, and angle will all play a role in creating different results in different conditions

The playlist below shows the full capabilities of our protective coating! See slow motion footage of AR500 Armor® Body Armor (with a Build Up coat) containing frag & spall from shotgun slugs; and a comparison of what happens on an uncoated backstop!

More Details on the AR500 Armor®® Base Coat and Build Up options.

Some may tell you it’s all about the unique primers that make a coat effective. In a ballistic application, such as AR500 Body Armor, any sort of primer has little effect if the receiving end isn’t prepped properly and is often a technique of placing a less functional Band-Aid on an improperly prepared surface – it’s simply a thin layer of paint between two surfaces with little adhesion benefits and no ballistic properties. Each of our armor plates go through a series of processes to ensure proper surface prep allowing maximum adhesion of the Coat making it as effective as possible. Our armor goes through 4 stages of cleaning and prep before it even hits our paint booth. The Base Coat offers an extremely durable finish that is chemical resistant, water resistant, wear resistant, and requires no maintenance. Applied by hand, this coat also provides a high traction surface creating a unique texture on each piece of armor. This texture helps grip the plate and keep it in position while in your carrier.