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Invaluable in a Moment

Invaluable in a Moment

Shoes off. In the box. Walk through the scanner. Mandatory Fourth Amendment rights violations. Et cetera. Et cetera. It’s time to get on an airplane.

When you live in clown world–where political actors crave Godlike power and also can’t help tripping over their oversized shoes–you have to deal with stupid rules. Today, you have to deal with many. And not just the TSA-enforced rule that someone look at a digital projection of your unclothed body; you have to deal with extensive anti-gun routines as well.

For instance, the state you’re going to doesn’t think your concealed carry permit is safe enough for them. Never mind that the whole permit system is looney; Commiefornia wants you to have one of their permits. For another instance, getting a gun through the airport can often be a hassle anyways. They can barely get a couple shirts through their portals in one piece. A gun? Even less so.

For these reasons, you decided to leave your EDC Tool of Liberty at home. After all, it’s only for a little more than a day. 

Now you’re on a bus to the hotel, where you’ll be within walking distance of the conference. If all goes normally, you’ll have very limited contact with clown world and everything will be fine.

Sadly, someone couldn’t take clown world anymore. On your very bus, at this very moment, a strung-out dude with a sickly complexion quickly stands up and demands everyone recognize his immense power. He’s got a gun, which until this point was concealed (hopefully he had his concealed carry permit), and says “Everybody on the ground!"

Some people yelp in terror, others silently obey. For the moment, you’re on the ground as well. You need an opportunity to close the gap. But you put your backpack between you and the threat. While most things would be a hassle to get through airport security, your armor-integrated pack was of no concern to them.

The hooligan is waving his handgun around wildly. Then a girl across the bus from you starts to cry, which grabs his attention. You look up and see he’s got his back toward you. Now is your chance.

Leaping to your feet, you charge the would-be shooter, with your backpack held in front. He turns around and fires two point-blank shots at your center mass. You use your free hand to push the gun upwards as your charge knocks him over. You drop the backpack and engage in the battle for gun control (real gun control). Then you win the gun, point it at him, and demand he lay still. You tell someone to call 911–the second responders.

Later, you pick up your backpack and see the holes in the front. Looks like the bullets were captured in the panel. Now you’ll have some souvenirs–if only the airline would let you keep them.


The best armor is the armor you have with you. For that reason, an armored backpack is often the best armor. You already keep it with you; turn it into a shield.

Enter the Phoenix Armored Backpack with the newly-included Trauma Pad for Blunt Force Protection. The Phoenix weighs just 3.15 pounds and provides you with protection against multiple hits of 230GR .44 Magnum @ 1,430 FPS, as well as all lesser threats. The backpack does this via a soft armor panel sewn into the back layer of the pack. Right now, the full package is just $109–55% off.

Another solution is the Backpack Armor Insert, which gives you all the protective benefits of the Phoenix while leaving you free to choose which backpack you want to use.

It’s a common problem with a simple solution. Armor needs to be simple and convenient to make its way into your everyday carry setup; thus, we’ve created armor that is lightweight, invisible, and easily accessible as it lives in your backpack of choice.

Body Armor is a Tool of Liberty.

We create Tools of Liberty.

We are Free Craftsmen.

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