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Veritas Level 3 Curved Package

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Veritas is Latin for Truth, which is something every just cause fights for. Equip yourself for that fight with the Veritas armor package, with a carrier designed to be minimalistic while still providing full coverage. Combined with two Level III Steel 10x12 plates, this package is ready for action right out of the box.

Included in Package:

  • 1 x AR500 Armor® Veritas™ Modular Plate Carrier
  • 2 x Level III 10"x12" Multi-Curve, Base Coat Plates


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    The Veritas, true to its name, is as reliable an armor carrier as you can get. Combined with our tried-and-true Level III Steel Plates, ready to stop all pistols and most rifle rounds, you can be equipped for any fight. What’s more, the customizability of this package allows you to change your setup to optimize for different scenarios:

    The Veritas (see specifications below) is the main component of a modular armor system consisting of a Veritas skeletonized cummerbund, multi-caliber Kangaroo triple mag pouch, padded side-plate pouches, and Adaptive Plate Insert. These items allow you to adapt the Veritas to your changing needs or mission, from the minimalist profile of a lone carrier to a full-on protective gear setup.

    The carrier’s principle material is genuine 500D Cordura® nylon, which is bar-tacked at all stress points. It also features a padded 3D mesh for comfort and ventilation, customizability (the ability to accommodate a cummerbund), side-plate pockets, and removable shoulder straps. Extremely adjustable, the Veritas can be made to fit from a Medium to an XXL.

    The accompanying Level III Steel plates, unlike ceramic or polyethylene alternatives, are capable of protecting against several direct hits while still being less bulky than competing materials. They also have been independently tested in accordance with NIJ 0101.06 threat levels, meaning they are rated to stop 7.62x51 M80 NATO Ball (.308 Winchester) at a velocity of up to 2,780 FPS, and special threat tested to stop 5.56mm M855/SS109 (Green Tip) at a velocity of 2,780 FPS. This testing is done by independent facilities Oregon Ballistics (OBL), and H.P. White Laboratories.

    Included in Package:

    • 1 x AR500 Armor® Veritas™ Modular Plate Carrier
    • 2 x Level III 10"x12" Multi-Curve, Base Coat Plates


    • Material: 500D Cordura Nylon
    • Supported Plate Sizes: 10"x12"
    • Size: for body types Medium to XXL
    • Features: our modular armor system that includes a kangaroo pouch, upper admin pouch, side plate pouches and can be upgraded to include a cummerbund kit (separate from this package)
    • Manufactured: Vietnam (AR500 Armor)
    • Armor Capability: Edge-to-edge multi-hit protection

    *Note: The Veritas is designed only for 10”x12” trapezoidal plates and will not work with square plates.

    More Information
    Product Name Veritas
    Carrier Manufacturer AR500 Armor (Vietnam)
    Cummerbund No Cummerbund
    Carrier Construction Material 500D Nylon
    Carrier Features Quick Detach, Admin Pocket, Kangaroo Pouch, Chest Rig Attach Points, Drag Handle, ID Panel
    Supported Plate Sizes 10" x 12"

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