AR500 Armor® Testudo™ Plate Carrier - Gen 2

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AR500 Armor® Testudo™ Plate Carrier – Gen 2 

When experience, persistence, and theory collide, man-made evolution flourishes. The AR500 Armor® Testudo™ plate carrier changes the game once again in its new Generation 2 form. Welcome back Testudo™. The larger companion to our Veritas™ modular plate carrier, we follow suit and stick with our core principals of professional grade armor carriers with unrivaled value and craftsmanship, using superior components. Now marking the second addition to our signature plate carrier line-up. You will not be disappointed.

Unique to the Testudo™, it is capable of accommodating either 10” x 12”, or large 11” X 14” body armor of any type. With a fully adjustable cummerbund and shoulder straps, the Testudo™ is versatile and viable for large or medium body types. Rugged side retention buckles and straps are included. Each side removeable for user adjustable level of retention and comfort, compatible with or without cummerbund installed. We retain a lightweight and durable profile by using genuine 500D Cordura nylon for construction. Strategic lower-offset rear shoulder mounts position the rear plate pocket higher, alleviating the traditional “low hanging” rear plate pocket as seen on carriers that lost sight of proper armor placement. Inner plate retention straps on both pockets further ensure ideal body armor ride height for optimal vital coverage.

3D Mesh Technology dramatically increases ventilation and air-flow for a cooling and comfort improving effect, located on both body facing inner linings, and the removeable shoulder pads. Shoulder pads also feature our tri-loop guides and attachment points. Soft loop Velcro lines all webbed sections for added versatility and mounting options.  The heavy duty drag handle is fortified by engaging down the rear portion of the plate carrier. Reinforced Bar-tack, double, and double backed stitching throughout contract durability.

Dual admin pockets increase storage capacity, both featuring Hypalon easy-to-grip pull tabs for reliable access. The upper admin pocket features elastic divider retention straps while the lower is designed to accommodate our improved Kangaroo magazine pouch insert. Impact resistant buckles are manufactured in the USA and add at least four toughness points in critical areas.

The Testudo™ cummerbund front flap boasts generous Hypalon tabs for easy actuation and adjustment. Fully adjustable for girth and larger frames, the cummerbund has been reinforced with Hypalon eyelet pass-throughs and heavy-duty shock cord, allowing optimal expansion and retention when adjusted. Side plate compatible as sold, the built-in cummerbund side plate pouches accept 6 x 6”, or 6” x 8” side plates of any armor type.

Derived from years of customer feedback, experience, and understanding, the Generation 2 Testudo™ is all inclusive and on point, ready to protect the warrior out of the gate. Perfection delivered with no additional accessories required, except armor of course.

The Testudo™ front and rear plate pockets are compatible with our Trauma Plate Insert. This insert allows user configurable in conjunction armor systems to be created. The Trauma Plate Insert accommodates 6” x 6”, 6” x 8”, and 8” x 10” body armor, and attaches to a dedicated attachment point in each plate pocket. Trauma Plate Insert

Stay in The Fight. A Proud member of the Armored Republic.

The AR500 Armor® team sincerely thanks you for your trust and loyalty. In addition to our body armor, the Testudo® adds to our signature line of product we consider warrior ready. Gear you can undoubtedly trust. Let our Testudo® be your shield, and we’ll continue to serve you and deliver on all AR500 Armor® core values for the years to come.

Designed by AR500 Armor® in Phoenix, Arizona, Manufactured to our strict quality standards in Vietnam.

Multi-Cam Testudo™ model is constructed using all genuine Multi-Cam USA sourced material.

AR500 Armor® Testudo™ Modular Plate Carrier Specs:

Construction: 500D Cordura, 3D Mesh Technology, impact resistant buckles, genuine Velcro, and mil-spec webbing
Stitching: Reinforced Bar-tack, double stitching, and double backed stitching
Thread: High strength bonded thread
Approximate Weight: 3lbs 6.5 ounces
Colors: Black, Coyote, Olive Drab and Multi-Cam
Armor Compatibility: Standard 10” x 12” or 11” x 14” body armor in variants to include Steel, Ceramic, Polyethylene, soft or hard construction.

AR500 Armor® Testudo™ Plate Carrier Features:

    • Professional grade craftsmanship and components
    • All Inclusive, complete, and ready out of the box
    • 3D Mesh Inner Lining and Shoulder Pads
    • Soft loop Velcro surface on all webbing for versatility
    • Upper & Lower Admin Pockets w/ Hypalon tabs and Elastic Dividers
    • Adjustable Shoulder Straps & Removeable Shoulder Pads
    • Impact Resistant made in the USA buckles
    • Adjustable and Removeable Cummerbund w/ Hypalon Pulls, Eyelets, and Shock Cord
    • Adjustable and Removeable inner side retention straps, can be worn in conjunction with cummerbund for added retention
    • Easily adjusts from Medium to Large body types
    • Built in side plate pouches
    • Inner plate retention straps for proper armor vital coverage
    • Offset rear shoulder strap improve armor placement
    • Low Profile Reinforced Drag Handle
    • Genuine Cordura 500D Nylon
    • Reinforced stitching and bar-tacks through all high stress points and webbing


Manufacturer AR500 Armor
Rating filter No
Approximate Weight (LBS) 3.0000
Carrier Manufacturer AR500 Armor (Vietnam)
Plate Carrier Type Testudo Gen 2
Cummerbund Cummerbund w/ side plate pockets
Carrier Construction Material 500D Nylon
Discontinued? No


Customer Reviews

Semper Fidelis Review by GHOSTOF11THMARINES
Absolutely love my Mars Testudo, Thank you again!!! It fit like a glove for me literally right out of the box! Very minimal adjustments. Just ordered just front and rear plates so I look forward to seen how it feels! Semper Fidelis y'all!!! (Posted on 4/16/2020)
Awesome Carrier Review by C.T.
I'm currently running the III+ (11x14) plates in my Testudo carrier, along with the III+ side plates (6x8). This carrier is top quality and is very comfortable to wear. Thank you AR500 for selling a top quality product at an affordable price! (Posted on 4/1/2020)
Love it Review by Bruce
Set it up for JUST IN CASE, Got the III+, fits like a glove.
THANKS (Posted on 3/27/2020)
Nice Review by Evan
High quality product, super nice thanks ar500. (Posted on 3/13/2020)
Amazing! Review by Tony
I wear mine 60+ hours a week. Nothing makes me feel more secure than when I'm wearing it. To anyone looking for a more in depth insight after wearing it 12+ hours a day there will be some shoulder strain but after a while you get used to it. (Posted on 3/9/2020)
Exceeded my expectations Review by Dru
What can I say? I loved everything about the carrier. From the color, which was vibrant and just exceeded expectations, the stitching really gave me that piece of mind feeling that I didnt have to worry about the carrier can take a lot of weight and punishment, and the elastic sides that wrap around and hug your body preventing any major shifting were a surprise and a delight and top that off with the pouches I can use fpr side armor. Lastly is theMOLLE system; Two words: ON POINT!

Thank you very much for a quality product, which as we all know: Takes Time (Posted on 2/19/2020)
A Year of Comfort and Usability Review by Dustin
When I deployed to Iraq as a contractor, I was issued an old Interceptor vest (it was an ACU camo pattern even) which anyone who's worn one for any amount of time will agree that it's not the most comfortable thing around. I opted to purchase my own and went with this offering. I've gotta say it is leaps and bounds more comfortable than the Interceptor. Especially since I'm using SAPI plates instead of the steel plates like one of my coworkers. I feel confident with the level of protection provided by the carrier/plate setup, and hopefully won't have to have that confidence tested. I'm able to move and use tools while wearing it and able to actually perform my duties with minimal interference.

My only gripe is the fit, the cummerbund fits fine, but I'm constantly having to readjust the elastic sides with the clips to fit snuggly. Sorry, can't remember the proper word at the moment. As a smaller framed guy (5'9", 160#), I'm used to making due with equipment not fitting perfectly so it was expected. If a smaller size were offered, that would be phenomenal! Other than that, it's a great product and I would (and have) recommended it to anyone looking for a solid level of protection and usability. (Posted on 12/4/2019)
Great carrier Review by Nic
I wear this carrier for street patrol 40 hours a week. Has great features and allows officers to secure communication items and ifak’s with ease. The UHWPE plates fit like a glove. No matter what calls for service I get or if the active shooter comes, I know in protected and have the quality gear to back me up.

Mad shout out to Josh and Mason!!!!!
Hello Nic,

Thank you for leaving us feedback! We are glad we are able to protect those who protect us. Josh and Mason work hard and slay all day and really appreciate the shout out! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your order!
(Posted on 11/21/2019)
Excellent Fully Loaded Vest Review by Spencer
Received my Testudo Gen II last week with my standard level III+ plates. So far I am very happy with the vest. It is packed with features and options and is built with durable and comfortable materials. I took only 3 days to get used to the pressure of the plates and the cumberbund really helps hold the vest in the proper place.
I have not ordered side plates yet but I believe they will fit nicely and tightly because the cumberbund lines up perfectly with the other plates.

They only negative (other that it being made in Vietnam) is the velcro tabs that holds the plastic clips that replace the cumberbund are sharp. Maybe consider rounding those off!

Thank you for an excellent product that came very fast. 4 week lead time ended up being a week! (Worth buying at full price 3 days before a 41% off sale...) haha

AR500ARMOR will be and has been recommended to everyone looking for armored protection! Ill be buying here again for sure! (Posted on 8/19/2019)
Great Product!! Review by Tracy
With all of the turmoil and craziness going on in our nation I decided it was time to invest in body armor. After many months of research I chose to go with AR500 and I am VERY glad I did!! It seemed like the lead time was long, but in reality it wasn't...I am not a patient guy. I received my Testudo Gen 2 carrier and plates a few days ago and I was instantly impressed with the quality and workmanship. After several attempts to get the carrier properly adjusted (I must have put it on and taken it off a dozen times) it fits like a glove. The only concern is the top of the carrier and the strap get in the way of my rifle butt stock when mounting my AR. I am certain this is a training issue, not a kit issue. So, that just mean I'll have to spend more time on the range!! I can deal with that! I highly recommend this product for it's value and quality construction.
Hello Tracy,

Thank you so much for not only your feedback, but for choosing us to protect you. We believe life is the single most important aspect in this world, and believe everyone is entitled to protect themselves from enemy's both foreign and domestic. We have found that the more time you spend in your kit, the more your kit adapts to you. Again, I can thank you enough for choosing us and taking the time out of your schedule to leave this review. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns at 602-501-9607 M-F 8AM-5PM MST or shoot us an email to and we will be happy to assist!
(Posted on 7/17/2019)
Great plate carrier for army Review by JWD
I bought this plate carrier a few months ago and a few guys in my unit liked and bought themselves one too. We just finished up a jrtc rotation and it held up well. No complaints at all. We wore plates about half the time as well as mag pouches, canteen pouches, and an ifak. This thing is tough and I couldn’t have asked for a better product. The padding is great compared to the minimalist more higher end carriers. Definitely recommend. (Posted on 6/26/2019)
Overall quality is amazing. Review by Security officer
Just recieved my plate carrier and was surprised at the quality for the price. It is very nice and sturdy love it l. (Posted on 5/29/2019)
Great carrier for the money Review by AZ Joe
I haven't used my Testudo carrier too extensively but it fits the bill for what I was looking for. I wanted some affordable that I could train with, shoot with, and have ready at home. I think it is hard to find a better carrier for the money, especially when AR500 has deals on carrier/plates combos. I ended up getting the AR500 Veritas Cummerbund Kit to use with this carrier so I get more air flow to my body. I do have the original Testudo cummerbund with side plates if I need it but I have been running it with the Veritas Cummerbund since I have had this carrier. I am using the AR500 Armor Level III+ ASC Body Armor 10" x 12" curved plates with the build up coating and the trauma pad inserts. I am 6'0 and 185 lbs and I think this carrier fits me very well. I did try on the Veritas carrier and I found that to be too small for my liking. (Posted on 5/24/2019)
Awesome product Review by GrimDiesel
I’m a bigger guy so I was worried but it fit great. In my option best company for armor ever! (Posted on 4/22/2019)
Worth every penny Review by Crusader 76 Verified Purchase
This plate carrier is fantastic. It is a be all end all. It has everything you need to run a great set up. I am a big guy, like fat big and tall big (340lbs 6'3"). When I lose another 60lbs it should fit perfectly. (Posted on 4/11/2019)
Great company Review by John
First of all if your looking for an amazing, comfortable, well built plate carrier this is the one to choose! Customer service is top quality along with their products! I recommend to everyone (Posted on 4/4/2019)
Great carrier fits like a glove Review by Mountain man
Well I guess I got lucky on my first plate carrier, I ordered it as the bundle special and chose curved 11x14 and 6x8 level 3+ plates I also ordered the lower panel in level 3+ as well and it was all at my door in less than a week. I got it all loaded up and while heavy it fits like a glove no problem with the neck straps at all and the mag pouches are great the holster not so much the retention straps are so stiff that they pop the snaps on their own I probably won’t use it. I’m 5,11 and 240 and the plates cover well the only thing that I wish they had done differently was if they would put the shoulder strap buckles at the front honestly they seem kinda useless for putting the carrier on but taking it off with them is not a problem Just my opinion. Well I’m hoping that I never need to use it but I’m sure glad I have it and from a great company too. (Posted on 3/30/2019)
Best plate carrier to date Review by Bravo
This plate carrier is perfect I’m 5’11 170, I wear it as my plate carrier for the army it’s well made way better then my issued one and for the price you can’t find a better American made product thanks AR500 you guys rock for real (Posted on 2/19/2019)
this is a must have. Review by matthew Verified Purchase
just got this in yesterday and I love it. I am currently deployed and this is a game changer. I recommended this to all of my marines. great product. (Posted on 2/13/2019)
Outstanding. Review by TheZunk
I was concerned at first being a large frame sized individual, but I will admit the Testudo is 100% legit. Extremely comfortable, seriously made, and covers the real estate required. Exceptional kit altogether. Placed my order via phone and the LE service was top tier all the way. I can't do enough to brag about the products and service to friends and co-workers. (Posted on 2/10/2019)
Highly recommend Review by ATM
Great plate carrier all around. highly recommend. (Posted on 12/11/2018)
Great carrier Review by Smith Verified Purchase
Fits great and is pretty comfortable as far as carriers go. Hard armor front to back and 6x8 soft in the side pouches with trauma pads all around and no fitment issues. The fit feels good with plenty of padding and you get all the MOLLE you could want. I'm about average build (5'7"-5'11"; 160-200lbs) and the shoulder straps sit about a half inch or so away from my neck. Overall this does the job, is relatively comfortable, has a lot of padding, and plenty of real estate. (Posted on 11/19/2018)
Awesome! Review by The Higg
I just got my plate carrier yesterday and I wore it for about 14 hrs straight today and I am VERY pleased with it! I can maneuver in it and while heavy you don’t really feel the weight all that much! Great job guys! (Posted on 9/19/2018)
Testudo gen 2 Review by joe h
all I can say that this plate carrier is amazing. im 6.0 like 160 lbs and it fits me like a glove. its very adjustable and its very well made.i opted for the level 4 plates front and back I don't think the weight is bad at all for superior protection. some reviewers said it rubs there neck I don't have that problem with mine at all.and let me tell you ar500 has awesome service hands down.if your looking for a top notch plate carrier this is for u.and like I said there customer service is top notch. thank u for a great product u make couldn't be happier with my purchase. (Posted on 8/6/2018)
Incredible Product Review by StrategicalDroneOperator
I have the honor of living here in Phoenix and being able to go down to the AR500 store after going over the products on the website. I went into the store and met an INCREDIBLY KNOWLEDGEABLE and friendly staff that helped me find and fit me into my new level 3+ armor. The knowledge of the staff in the store is quite impressive to say the least! I am beyond happy with the products and will be back soon to get a medical kit and CAT Tourniquet and maybe even another vest to have a back up. If you're in the Phoenix area do yourself a favor and make the trip to the store off of I17 & Bell road! You'll leave educated and happier than you'd ever believe. Don't settle for anything less than the best when your life may depend on it. (Posted on 7/7/2018)
Trust AR500 Review by THE CADET
This was my first plate carrier, AR500 was always my first choice due to their outstanding company and feedback from the users, now that I have used it in person I can agree with everyone. I have worn this carrier for more than 10 miles running, doing pushups and getting soaked in sweat plus more and its holding up very good, I feel confident enough now after using it to trust my life with it. AR500 has got my trust. (Posted on 6/16/2018)
Nice, but not perfect Review by Zach
I really like my plate carrier, though is doesn't hold the larger side plates securely at all. The cummerbund and side plates flop around a lot until you actually secure them. Once secured, they hold great. But this really slows down the rate at which I can don my gear. Especially when the side plates FALL OUT!! The velcro that actually holds the side plates in the cummerbund will not hold the larger plates securely. While they are flopping all over the place while you are trying to swing the plate carrier over your head (super safe with 2 pound steel plates, haha) they will occasionally fall out.
I am a little upset by this, but I wouldn't expect a refund for this issue. Therefore, I am rigging up a better way of securing and stabilizing the plates with the sides of a 5 gallon bucket and Gorilla Tape...classy, haha.
Finally the shoulder straps are really close together and rub my neck. I could see this causing some pretty serious chafing after not too long. The plate carrier is very stable and doesn't slide around at all, so I suppose thats the price to pay. I don't have a solution for this yet...rabbit fur?
All in all, I wouldn't buy again, but it's not bad enough to intentionally bash the product. 3 stars. (Posted on 6/3/2018)
Outstanding! Review by CD
Just a quick note on our recent purchase of Testudo Gen 2 carriers. This is without a doubt the best carrier I have every packed around. The way it distributes the weight of the plates is nothing short of amazing. When I first put it together I had to double check that both plates were in because it felt so light. We wear these with rifle plates 10 hours a day during sitting, standing and driving. We vary in size from 190 lbs and 5' 10" to 280 lbs 6' 5" and they work great for everyone. When it comes time to replace these I expect this same carrier will be ordered again. Thanks again for the great customer service and the ability to T&E the equipment. (Posted on 4/6/2018)
Light, comfortbale, unobstrusive... completely worth it. Review by Matt
When I bought the Testudo Gen 2 I was concerned about how narrow the shoulder straps are. I watched the YouTube reviews and this was something that was also addressed in the videos. As soon as I got the carrier, I put everything together and wore it all day with no issues at all. It is VERY comfortable. I am 6' 0" and 210 pounds with a broad back and shoulders and it did not rub on my neck at all. Ultimately, I am very pleased with the design due to the fact that it provides a lot of room for my rifle to easily find a nice pocket in my shoulder without the carrier getting in the way.

The package I bought came with multi-caliber rifle and pistol magazine pouches as well as an IFAK. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the IFAK came completely stocked with everything we get issued for our IFAKs in the Army. That stuff isn't cheap. It even came with scissors. The rifle and pistol mags are well made and just what I was looking for. They are just as good as any other magazine pouch you'll get from more expensive brands like Tactical Tailor.

Customer service. I called AR500 customer service a couple of times and they were responsive, helpful, and extremely courteous. When a company has customer service like that, it says a lot about the company as a whole.

There honestly isn't one crticism I can find about this carrier, plates, or accessories that came with the promotion deal I bought. I wasn't asked to write this review nor am I receiving some sort of incentive from the company for doing so. I just genuinely love this carrier. I've worn a lot of bulky, overweight, and obtrusive carriers in my day. For the price, this product is an absolute steal. I will definitely be going to AR500 for all of my future carrier and plate purchases.

(Posted on 3/31/2018)
So Nice I Bought it Twice Review by Chuck Verified Purchase
After my initial armor build got taken off my hands by an overenthusiastic urban entrepreneur, I decided to invest once again in the Testudo carrier, and I have to admit - even (effectively) paying for it twice, this remains one of my favorite plate carriers I've ever used. At 6'2" and around 220, I sometimes have a bit of problems finding carriers large enough to be comfortable (or feel secure), but the Testudo manages to sit well across my shoulders and comfortably wrap around me for a very snug and secure fit. After taking the most recent one to the range, I can confirm that it's incredibly comfortable to shoot from using one of the ASC plates for extended periods of time, and it actually breathes really well after you heat up in it. It also takes a beating, and after muddying it up, I left it in the hot sun for an afternoon with no ill effects whatsoever. I've also managed to fit 8 mags into the front pouches, my sidearm, and a few pouches on the side, as well as carry my backpack, all without feeling terribly weighed down because the weight in this carrier is managed so well.

Honestly considering buying it a third time for one of my buddies, who is about six foot four, and has the same problems as me finding plate carriers that feel secure. At the price that AR500 offers them, you honestly cannot find a better entry-level plate carrier for your budget builds. (Posted on 3/5/2018)
Just Get It. Review by T
Comfortable. Strong. Well made. Accommodating. Get you one. End of story. (Posted on 1/25/2018)
Very pleased Review by Mike
Only wore it a couple times at this point, so can't comment on long term durability. Got this and the xl plates I am 6'0" 225 and it fits and wear's great. very pleased (Posted on 12/31/2017)
very solid rig Review by mark
Took weeks to get the Carrier (to be fair it's Christmas and they're having a sale). I think better customer service is where AR 500 needs to focus, lot of complaints of weekly and monthly wait times. That said IMO it's the best body armor on the market. The Testudo Gen 2 has thick padding back and front with anti sweat webbing. Plates are secured by a combination of straps and Velco seals to be sure it's not moving. The entire outside of the carrier and cummberbund are covered in Molle spec attachments with lower and upper Velcro pockets. The bottom pouch is fairly large and will accept a "Kangaroo pouch" ($7) that holds 3 additional magazines. You can wear it with or without the cummerbund, and quick release buckles will release the rig at both shoulders and either side. Exellent value overall IMO. (Posted on 12/29/2017)
Great plate carrier Review by EMT40SW
I should start by stating I'm 6'8" & 290 lbs. That said this carrier is very comfortable with 11"x14" plates. The stitching is top notch & came with a cummerbund that holds the plates more steady. At $89 it's a steal of a deal. The shoulder straps have very thick padding. This carrier fits me better than the Veritas I also purchased. I also like how this carrier can fit a few sizes of plates & hold the without shifting. (Posted on 12/26/2017)
A+ Quality Review by Kevin Verified Purchase
Carrier is very well made. Stitching is nice and everything lines up well. Materials are all nice. bar tacking in key stress points. Only thing I didn't care for was how close together the shoulder straps are. This might not be an issue for some, and maybe preferred. But it drove me crazy. Just something to think about when ordering. If you think it will be a non issue then don't hesitate. (Posted on 12/23/2017)
Awesome carrier Review by Martin
First plate carrier I have ever purchased, and I could not be happier. Fits like a glove, plenty of room for molle attachements, plates fit nice and snug. AR500 had my carrier and plates delivered in 2 weeks. Impressive. Would highly recommend. (Posted on 12/21/2017)
Finally a 11 x 14 7 6x8 plate carrier for the medium sized guy! Review by Ray
6ft 185 lbs with 11x14 & 6x8 plates no problem! Got the Tactical Scorpion plates and Trauma pads and they all fit in this plate carrier.

Don't hesitate, this plate carrier can comfortably carry 10x12 - 11x14 and 6x6 - 6x8 with no problems! (Posted on 12/18/2017)

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