AR500 Armor® Veritas™ Modular Plate Carrier

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AR500 Armor® Veritas™ Modular Plate Carrier

“We are proud to announce the Veritas Plate Carrier as the first serious success by any manufacturer at creating a true professional grade carrier utilizing paramount components and manufacturing processes, available at this price point. Our commitment to craftsmanship is reflected in every piece. Fit, form, function, modularity, and price reflect perfection.”

The AR500 Armor® Veritas™ is our modular plate carrier embodiment fueled by years of feedback and evaluation as a body armor manufacturer. Fusing every desirable feature into a finely crafted, cost effective modular system with no compromise. The result astounded even us. The Veritas™ is one of our signature plate carriers, and with that represents what the AR500 Armor® R&D team, and brand stand for. The Veritas by AR500 Armor® is designed to compete, scale, and leave you wanting for nothing.

Accepting 10” x 12” body armor, Veritas™ Plate Carrier features a minimalistic profile without sacrificing real-estate and is smaller, but more modular, than its larger kin the Testudo™. Intense care was given to material choice in effort to forge a comfortable, ventilated, and lightweight plate carrier. Durable 3D mesh lines both the inner plate pockets with inlayed soft loop Velcro pontoon attachment points. removable mesh padded shoulder pads are included, each featuring tri-loop guides and attachment points. The low-profile emergency drag handle traverses through the entire back half of the plate carrier for increased strength. Broad 2” side buckles secure the adjustable straps, and are user removable for increased comfort when running the Veritas™ cummerbund.

Each row of webbing and all high stress points are Bar-Tack stitch reinforced for durability. All webbing features soft loop for versatility. Dual upper and lower admin pockets provide ample built in storage and scalability for the Veritas™ cummerbund system, and kangaroo pouch. Upper admin pocket features inner elastic divided keepers for gear retention. Easy-to-grip Hypalon pull tabs embrace each pocket for accessibility in all conditions. Generous upper front & rear soft loop Velcro panels easily accommodate patches and large ID panels.

The entire construction is genuine 500D Cordura nylon for the perfect balance of durability and weight reduction. Impact resistant made in the USA buckles reduce failure points in these critical areas where many carriers fail. Front chest rig mounts are compatible with all common chest rig adapters, along with rear vertical load bearing attachment points. Both allowing for upper or lower mounting positions.


The Veritas™ Plate Carrier is a modular system and offers an array of excellent accessories, and more to follow!

Cummerbund System: Our modern cummerbund system uses the latest technology to maintain a reduced profile, durability, and weight savings. Laser cut laminate, Hypalon, and low profile soft loop combined with a cleverly designed cummerbund/admin flap, are the tools used to seamlessly integrate into the Veritas™ plate carrier. All while improving on and retaining original functionality. Vertias Cummerbund

Multi-Caliber Kangaroo Mag Pouch: Ultra-light and low profile, our kangaroo pouch features a self-retention inner elastic and non-slip liner to secure your M4 5.56 or AK47 7.62x39 magazines, up to 3 rifle magazine capacity. Compatible with Veritas™ cummerbund system. Kangaroo Mag Pouch

Padded Multi Side Plate Pouches: Compatible when the Veritas™ cummerbund system is installed. Our padded side plate pouches can be mounted in any location on the inner or outer side of the cummerbund. Mounts on the inside via hook & loop attachment, and outside with included webbed adapter panel. Mesh padding design improves air flow and comfort, while wrap around retention accommodates all side plate body armor sizes.Side Plate Pouch

Adaptive Plate Insert (Sold Separately): Our Adaptive Plate Insert dramatically increases versatility by allowing you to easily create an in-conjunction armor system, reduce armor size, or add soft or hard trauma plates for heart and vital organ coverage. The Adaptive Plate Insert is compatible with both front & rear pockets, and accommodates 6” x 6”, 6” x 8”, and 8” x 10” armor sizes. Simply attach the insert to the attachment panel on the inner pocket of your Veritas™ or Testudo™ (Gen 2) plate carrier for your custom configured armor setup. Plate Pocket Insert 

Stay in The Fight. A Proud member of the Armored Republic.

The AR500 Armor® team can’t thank you enough for putting your faith in our product. Veritas™ is this truth: it is time a market leader add value to armor carrying solutions for everyday Americans. As we have with our body armor, we continue to deliver truth with our signature plate carriers and, will continue to do so for the years ahead.

Designed by AR500 Armor® in Phoenix, Arizona, Manufactured to our strict quality standards in Vietnam.

Multi-Cam Veritas™ model is constructed using all genuine Multi-Cam USA sourced material.

AR500 Armor® Veritas™ Modular Plate Carrier Specs:

Construction: 500D Cordura, 3D Mesh Technology, impact resistant buckles, genuine Velcro, and mil-spec webbing

Stitching: Reinforced Bar-tack, double, and double backed stitching

Thread: High strength bonded thread

Approximate Weight: 1lb 14 ounces

Colors: Black, Coyote, Olive Drab and Multi-Cam

Armor Compatibility: Standard 10” x 12” in all body armor variants to include Steel, Ceramic, Polyethylene, soft or hard construction.
Please Note: This carrier does NOT fit our 10" x 12" Square Back Plate.

AR500 Armor® Veritas™ Modular Plate Carrier Features:

    • Professional grade craftsmanship and components
    • Ventilating 3D Mesh Inner Lining
    • Modularity for user configuration and expansion
    • Webbed Velcro and Large front & Rear ID Panels
    • Reinforced Emergency Drag Handed
    • Padded and removable Shoulder Straps
    • Rugged adjustable and removable Side Buckles
    • Vertical Chest Mount Adapter Webbing
    • Vertical rear backpack mounts
    • Dual Admin Pocket, upper with Elastic keepers for utility
    • Hypalon Easy-to-grip pull tabs
    • Impact resistant USA Made Buckles
    • Genuine Cordura 500D Nylon
    • Reinforced stitching and bar-tacks through all high stress points and webbing


Manufacturer AR500 Armor
Rating filter No
Approximate Weight (LBS) 3.5000
Carrier Manufacturer AR500 Armor (Vietnam)
Plate Carrier Type Veritas
Cummerbund No Cummerbund
Plate Carrier Color No
Carrier Construction Material 500D Nylon
Discontinued? No


Customer Reviews

Best High Quality Budget friendly Carrier I've Seen Review by PewPewBrewBrew
Starting with the cons:
Those side straps. It is minimalist and fine to run with them, but SO much better without. Do yourself a favor and get the cummerbund kit with this. Also, the drag handle on the back is a bit too difficult to get a good purchase on.
Not too big, not too small, ability to run with or without cummerbund, the material for the drag handle is sewn down the full length of the rear panel and that's a good thing, comfortable, breathable, run it with nothing attached and it can be concealed easily under a jacket or hoodie, fully loaded out it fits in my big LLBean backpack, so it has a secret squirrel factor.
Also, don't quote me on it but, I heard it flipped off Eric Swalwell saying "Bring it, B*tch" and pissed in Andrew Cuomo's gas tank. So, yeah, it's awesome. Would and have recommended to friends and family
Hi Pew,

Thank you for the awesome review. When asked why our stuff makes democrats so angry, we were told the same thing. Our products are only for Freedom loving patriots who will defend the Constitution, and make it a habit of offending those who are trying their hardest to over throw it. Thank you for your purchase and for taking the time to post this awesome review!
(Posted on 11/21/2019)
Perfect Review by Jordan
Just finished up an NTC Rotation running this plate carrier with the Cumberbund kit. Day 1 I was so glad I made the purchase. I did have to run Small Plates because the Mediums were just an Inch too big. Fit perfect. No snags, tears or issues. 10/10 would recommend again! (Posted on 4/30/2019)
Great plate carrier Review by Thomas
I read the review left by Maj. You can swap the side straps so that you pull forward to tighten. I had the same problem as him until I swapped the side straps. Now I leave the right side alone, and un-clip the left side to take it off. After I have taken it off I loosen the left side most of the way and re-clip it. I can throw the plate carrier on and pull the left strap forward and tuck the excess. (Posted on 4/18/2019)
Mystery solved Review by Dave
Received my Veritas modular plate carrier in my AR 500 Green Mystery Box with all the bells and whistles, exceeded at least double what I paid for, love the carrier could be worn many ways very well made and strong my third one from AR 500 well thought out, looking forward on getting curved light armor plates in the future thank you for making such a fine product a nice back up when you need it. (Posted on 3/21/2019)
Excellent plate carrier for different operations. Review by Greg
The plate carrier is excellent and durable. I can easily switch out soft/hard armor when I need to depending on the purpose of the operation. The cumberbund would be extremely helpful as this is a minimalist approach to a carrier, so the MOLLE is a bit limited due to the style of plate carrier, however not an issue if you run a duty belt or some type of belt rig as well. Excellent plate carrier and a few of my shift partners have picked it up as well. (Posted on 3/9/2019)
Great product, excellent customer service. Review by Travis Verified Purchase
This plate carrier is well made, comfortable, and the plates and carrier were delivered in way less time than was quoted. I can't recommend AR500 highly enough. (Posted on 3/8/2019)
Perfect Size Review by Ben Verified Purchase
I like this carrier a lot. I bought it because I did not like the bulky flak jackets that my department has for dangerous calls. I felt that if I had a smaller, lighter, and easier to put on option I would be more likely to throw it on because I don't have to take off my duty belt and I can actually move.

Built well and feels like it will last for a long time, should be forever since it will mostly live in a bag. Someday I'll get a cumberbund kit and side plates but for now this will work.

With lightweight plates this carrier actually fits easily in my squad bag! (Posted on 1/29/2019)
Solid Review by Travman
Its a solid piece of equipment. Its comfortable and once you get the sizing right its not moving. It stays where you put it. Its definitely got some of the strongest velcro ive ever worked with. All of the stitching is good and it looks great! (Posted on 1/15/2019)
Straps tend to give Review by Jon
carrier overall is nice and fits both 10x12 hard and trauma pads. only issue is both the side and shoulder straps tend to give once tightened in the buckle leading to a loose fit after only a few minutes. Only solution I have is to duct tape them I guess which obviously does not look good and also increase the time it takes to adjust. Will have to deal with it I guess. I want to buy some pouches also now but as shipping is $10 plus a time I may buy elsewhere unless something can be done for high shipping cost for single pouches...I mean even flat rate boxes cost less than what is being charged. (Posted on 12/28/2018)
Great product, well made. Review by Elias
Informative page, Let me know I needed a smaller plate for the back, due ot the size. Fit well had to fold the side straps a little cause i'm a smaller male. Heavy duty Velcro, everything fits secure. Well made product will be picking up some more in the future. (Posted on 12/12/2018)
Amazing PC, but... Review by Devil Dog Verified Purchase
First, for reference, I am a 6'4" 220lb US Marine... the quality of this PC is SUPERB. The Cordura is well made and strong, as are the Velcro closures. However, it is WAY too small for me. (I even called and asked for a recommendation and this is what was suggested...) That being said, I'm keeping these for my wife, and ordering the Testudo w/ 11x14" plates. Hope this helps. Semper Fi. (Posted on 12/10/2018)
soft armor / veritas plate carrier = 2 stars (good start but needs improvement) Review by Maj
-received carrier is as advertised product (like seen in picture/description)
-multi cam camo pattern - good -did not vary from ACU color/pattern
- minimal coverage - this was primary reason for this purchase, I desired a reduced weight/bulky armor
-material feels durable/tear resistant
-shoulder harness straps - comfortable - spaced enough not to pinch neck, good job at hold height of armor
-fits well soft / hard plates simultaneously - armor insertion was a little tight when inserting hard plate over soft but doable, velcro tuck holds both securely
-webbing - good
-stitching secure
-plastic clips - it able to perform quick release of armor by battle buddy to assess wounds while able to re-secure armor if needed (primary duty armor - eagle industry armor - has quick release cables - once you pull out, very hard to re-secure armor back into plate carrier)

-side straps - very difficult to secure/clip once armor is put on - I am muscular build, the sides straps were hard to reach/ clip in and tighten without help, best way i found to do this is to size one side and leave buckled, leave other side long/loose. then slip into the carrier from the open side and try to reach/buckle/tighten - very difficulty to reach than buckle last side strap with single same side arm/hand. however this method leaves long tail flapping, to tighten - you have to push backward/behind you while holding the strap - not a natural movement, not tightening the side straps adequately will cause the carrier will jump around with movement/running. I would have like to see a more accessible "tightening" mechanism that the user can use independently after donning the carrier (perhaps tightening straps attached to the side straps under a front flap rather than having a front pocket or change the orientation of clips to where the user pulls the strap forward to tighten.)
-inside netting - ?designed for "breath-ability" - expect to sweat using body armor - you just are. even with soft armor layered under hard plate - the sensation on the skin is that there is a piece of metal directly on your chest. entirely different feel from my primary duty armor made by Eagle industry (which despite being much more bulky - is much more comfortable with respects to armor feel against skin - i would rather the carrier have more padding to cushion plates/carrier to user.
poor comfort - combined with lack of adequate cushion/side straps issue - not really comfortable - dont really want to wear something for hours/days on end in austere environ, moving/etc, if its not comfortable
-soft armor - vendor stated 4-6 wk production time, I did not receive for 8 wks, had to make multiple calls for sitrep on ETA (it would be nice if they sent out periodic emails to inform the consumer of the status)

would i recommend/buy again

pockets - not tested/used (Posted on 11/24/2018)
Perfect for a budget Review by Taylor Verified Purchase
Perfect carrier for the budget minded individual who wants a decent modular carrier at not an arm and leg price. Currently running a Haley Strategic micro rig for shooting and a Velocity systems Molle placard with GP pouches for my active shooter kit (EMS side) (Posted on 10/22/2018)
Excellent carrier, but beware of rear plate size before ordering. Review by Mr. Nobody
Just received - excellent quality; however, this carrier (or at least the one I received) WILL NOT accept standard 10x12 back plates...sticks out 2 & 1/2"s from bottom of carrier and therefore, cannot be secured. An ASC 10x12 front plate would be a perfect fit in this fella but none of this is described in the carriers' details. Again, EXCELLENT product, but this very important detail about rear plate size / orientation needs to be included in its description. Its a little smaller than what I expected so I'm returning and have already ordered the Testudo 2 carrier.

For a smaller frame (I'm 5'-7", 195...weights, not burgers), it'll be a perfect fit. But remember, order (2) ASC front plates or something smaller than a 10x12 rear and you'll be good to go. Ridiculously quick order fulfillment and shipping! Wonderful company to do business with and I'll continue to do so in the future. Thank you! (Posted on 8/28/2018)
Outstanding modular plate carrier with one small caveat Review by James Verified Purchase
This is a great modular plate carrier that's inexpensive but durable. Fits ASC cut plates just fine however the small caveat I discovered is that it won't securely fit a standard 10x12 square back plate. There isn't enough Velcro at the bottom to securely strap the plate in. It will fit to a degree and hold while standing/walking but may come out during high intensity activity. That being said, it's advisable to run two ASC cut plates front and back to ensure maximum compatibility. (Posted on 7/2/2018)
Exactly as described Review by Maxx
When I bought this I received a lead time of 6 weeks and I got it 8 days..very satisfied with the fast shipping. The description on the website as well as the YouTube videos are exactly right. The carrier is made of very high quality materials and fits almost perfect our of the box. Will definitely have my range buddies pick up a couple.

My only, "complaint" would he that ot does not come with that sweet ass morale patch shown in the picture...not a big deal at all as I am most likely going to put one of my choosing on anyway but still, I was kind of looking forward to that.

Still, I couldn't really ask for better for under $80. (Posted on 6/26/2018)
Durable Review by Frank
Fits perfect for my size. (Posted on 5/31/2018)

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