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Get the highest protection level the industry can offer with our curved C2 body armor. It provides level IV protection and is tested to stop .30 caliber armor-piercing bullets at 2,880 feet per second: A popular choice for military personnel, this plate is developed 100% in-house in the United States and is compatible with all our standard carriers.

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    For maximum protection against a high-grade military threat, our C2 body armor is the best option the market can provide: This Armored Republic Level IV rated plate provides single-hit protection and is tested to the NIJ’s proposed 0101.07 standard as an RF3 plate, which is the highest protection listed. This protection rating means the plate can stop a .30 caliber Armor Piercing bullet, with a mass of 10.8g, at speeds of up to 2,880 ft/s. The U.S. Military designation for this is an M2 AP.

    In addition to the higher protection level, this ceramic C2 plate has several other advantages: Its shape and backface deformation resistance, patented ergonomic cut, and proprietary FragLock™ coating. 

    Ceramic fractures into itself when hit, mitigating projectile fragmentation at the risk of creating spalling. It also allows for less backface deformation and thus helps prevent the injuries caused by the bullet’s blunt impact. It is also a bit lighter than some steel options.

    Finally, the C2 plate is also sprayed with a FragLock™ coating unique to Armored Republic plates. Armor is often liable to both eroding from the elements and fragmentation when hit by a bullet. FragLock™ helps solve both these problems, protecting the plate from the elements as well as protecting you from fragmentation.

    Knowledge Base Articles

    Material: Ceramic, with FragLock Coating

    Protection: .30 caliber armor-piercing (AP) bullets (U.S. Military designation M2 AP) with a specified mass of 10.8g (166gr) and a velocity of 2,880 ft/s (+/- 30 ft/s).

    Capability: Single-hit protection

    Form: Curved

    Dimensions & Compatibility:

    • 10" x 12"
      • Weight: 7.5 lbs
      • Thickness: 0.75" 
      • Plate Carriers: Testudo, Valkyrie & Invictus

    Shelf life: 5 years

    Manufactured: United States

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