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AR500 Armor® Lightweight III+

AR500 Armor® M855 Penetrator

AR500 Armor® IIIA Hybrid Body Armor

AR500 Armor® Level III+ Body Armor

AR500 Armor® body armor comparison

AR500 Armor® PAXCON Line-X Spall & Frag Mitigation ballistic coating system

AR500 Armor® Body Armor, Starting at just $65.

AR500 Armor® Sentry Plate Carrier Packages!

AR500 Armor Emergency Personal Injury Kits

AR500 Armor® Sentry Plate Carrier Package

AR500 Armor Stress Test

AR500 Armor® Produly Made in the USA!

AR500 Armor XL Plate Carrier & 11" x 14" Body Armor!


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AR500 Armor now with Spall and Fragmentation Mitigation by Paxcon Line-X!

AR500 Armor Industry Leading

Protective Coatings now on all armor

Spall & Fragmentation Mitigation