New York Body Armor Ban

New York Body Armor Ban

On July 1st, the state legislature of New York passed a tyrannical bill, in a special legislative session that redefined “body vest” from the early June law, to an expanded definition “body armor”. They further broadened the definition to apparently ban any protective equipment meant to protect against gunfire, worn alone or as a complement to another product.

On July 5th, 2022 the new legislation went into effect and it may forbid all civilian purchases of “body armor”, with minimal exceptions. While vague and unclear in many ways, it appears this legislation was intended to prohibit hard and soft armor and, possibly, plate carrier shipments to civilians in the state of New York.

Update on our Response:

  1. We continue to hold that this law is an infringement of God-given rights. The right to life, established in the sixth commandment (Thou shalt not murder), includes the right to self-defense. Armor is a tool of self-defense.
  2. We are pressing on in our lawsuit against the state of New York to obtain relief from this unconstitutional legislation.

For details on our thoughts regarding this ban, view our blog post here.