New York Body Armor Ban
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New York Body Armor Ban

On Sunday, June 5th, 2022, the New York Democrat-led government enacted an unconstitutional law raising the age to buy a rifle to 21 years old and making civilian purchases of certain body armor “illegal”, with minimal exceptions. Thirty days from June 5th, we can no longer legally ship certain body armor products to civilians in the state of New York.

  1. This tyrannical law signed by the New York governor is an infringement of God-given rights 
  2. We plan to prioritize ALL New York orders to deliver within the July 5th cutoff date
  3. We are working with our legal counsel to determine what specific products will be subject to this unconstitutional ban
  4. We are suing the state of New York: RESIST TYRANNY, SUE NY

For details on our thoughts regarding this ban, view our blog post here.