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Warrior Plate Carrier & Armor Advanced Loadout


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Warrior DCS (Dynamic Combat System) Plate Carrier - (Carrier made of NON-Ballistic materials)
The Warrior DCS Plate Carrier combines many of the great features you would expect in a top tier plate carrier while taking a minimalist approach; all without sacrificing webbing real-estate or armor coverage. Compatible with 10” x 12” body armor (does not accept level III square back armor) and featuring a fully adjustable design, the warrior provides best in class value without sacrificing quality. 
A single quick release front mounted shoulder buckle is located on the left shoulder, and strategically placed to not interfere with the butt stock of your weapon, a common problem among other plate carriers. “Pre-tensioned” PALS/MOLLE webbing line the front and rear of the plate carrier, the pre-tension feature allows easier webbing of pouches! The cummerbund flap is fully webbed to obtain optimal pouch position. Vertical webbing allows attachment of QUASM buckles for easy chest rig adaptation, and guide tabs ride along each side of the carrier for easy wire or hydration tube routing.
The shoulder straps are full adjustable for proper plate ride height, and included are top notch padded shoulder pads for improved comfort. The reinforced semi-rigid cummerbund prevents sagging with side armor installed, and is fully adjustable to accommodate different girths. It’s also compatible with side armor (both soft and hard). Fits up to 6” x 8” side plates, both soft and hard, in addition to 5” x 7” soft IIIA inserts which can be worn in conjunction with hard 6” x 8” armor plates. Easy pull handles located on the front end of each cummerbund side allow for easy donning and doffing. A removable Velcro padded, utility pouch with bungee top which can be used to store your radio or additional magazines is also included and attaches to the inner side of the cummerbund. The inner side of the plate carrier is lined with padded moisture wicking improved 3D mesh for improved air flow. The heavy duty drag handle is located on the back side of the plate carrier and secures to the carrier via Velcro to prevent snagging.
The Warrior DCS nails the balance of fit and form, function, and value – being one of the most feature packed and quality produced plate carriers in its price range.
Warrior DCS Plate Carrier Specs:
Construction: 500D Cordura and Mil-Spec Webbing
Approximate Weight: 2lb
Colors: Black, Coyote, Olive Drab, and Multi-Cam
Armor Compatibility: Standard 10” x 12” Body Armor in both soft and hard variants (not compatible with level III square back armor)
Warrior DCS Plate Carrier Features:
  • NTAO certified
  • Quick release low profile shoulder buckle
  • 500D cordura & mil-spec webbing
  • 3D Spacer mesh improves comfort and airflow
  • Comfortable padded shoulder pads
  • All hardware used provides lower I.R. signature possible
  • Semi-Rigid cummerbund prevents sagging
  • Ergonomic cummerbund & flap pull tabs for easy donning & doffing
  • Side armor compatible
  • 100% water repellent
  • Lifetime warranty against defects
  • Made in the UK
What is the difference between the Banshee & Warrior Plate Carrier?
The Warrior DCS Plate Carrier features many improvements over the Banshee plate carrier, at a slight price increase. See below for some highlights of the Warrior Plate Carrier while comparing models:
  • 3D mesh inner lining
  • Improved shoulder straps and padding
  • Low profile quick release buckle for improved stock weld
  • Sturdy semi-rigid cummerbund to prevent sagging
  • Built in side plate pouches for both soft and hard body armor
  • “Pre-Tensioned” webbing for easier gear attachment, with increased real-estate
  • Guide tabs for hydration or wire routing
  • Front side vertical webbing for chest rig adaptation
  • Ergonomic pull tabs on cummerbund and cummerbund flap for easier donning and doffing


Manufacturer AR500 Armor
Rating filter N/A
Approximate Weight (LBS) N/A
Plate Carrier Type Warrior
Carrier Manufacturer Warrior Assault Systems (UK)
Cummerbund Cummerbund w/ side plate pockets
Carrier Construction Material 500D Nylon
Largest Supported Plate Size 10" x 12"
Discontinued? No


Customer Reviews

Great piece of kit Review by Sonar_Chris
First of all, I ordered this plate carrier, pouches and plates on a Thursday and had it within a week even though the lead time is listed as 4 weeks. I would much rather be surprised by an early delivery than be left wondering where my purchase is with false claims. AR500 Armor definitely delivered on the surprise part having delivered it about a week after I ordered it.

The plate carrier is very nice. The Warrior DCS is, as far as I can tell, very well constructed. Stitching is holding up very nicely. All the hook and loop is very grabby. There is no way that any of the velcro will come undone by accident. The shoulder pads are very generously padded and are very comfortable, well, as comfortable as wearing body armor can be at least. The 3d mesh on the inside of the carrier is very comfortable and provides a fair amount of airflow for breath-a-bility. You are still going to sweat and you are still going to be hot, but it definitely makes a difference and is much more tolerable than not having it.

The AR500 plates are a decent fit inside of the plate carrier, though, I think that the Warrior DCS is designed for SAPI plates vice the AR500 plates. There is a little extra room inside of the carrier that causes a little extra nylon material at the edges. I imagine with a thicker SAPI plate that this extra material would be taken up. In the grand scheme of things, this isn't a big deal at all.

The Warrior DCS comes with a radio pouch designed to be hook and looped inside of the cummerbund. It is good quality, but it isn't something I wouldn't want to put a radio inside the cummerbund, and I haven't found a new use for the pouch yet. The HSGI taco pouches are very nice, but somewhat of a pain the the ass to attach to the plate carrier. Just make sure that you have the plates out of the carrier prior to attaching the magazine pouches. It will be much easier. The pouches also come with that malace clips needed to attack the pouches. A good set of needle nose pliers will help out greatly when attaching the pouches.

Overall I am extremely happy with the Warrior DCS and HSGI taco pouches. The carrier has great padding, ventilation and comfort. The mag pouches are adjustable for tension and have great retention for an open top design. If I had to do it all over again, I would order the same set up with the same mag pouches. I feel to get an appreciable increase in comfort or fit, you would need to spend a lot more money on a carrier.

For the price, customer service and value, this is a no brainer. You can't go wrong with this package or AR500 Armor! (Posted on 4/23/2017)
Nice product. Terrible customer service and planning Review by WI_LE_EMT
I bought this kit for using on duty. I got it because I didnt have to worry about the plates cracking from sitting in the back of my squad with all the other equipment. I placed the order and 4 weeks to the day I received most of my order. I was expecting that as I understand their product is in demand and is worth the wait. I received the plates and the carrier but did not receive any of the HSGI pouches. They gave me a sheet saying they were backordered. I had no notification that this was going to happen. I then e-mailed their customer service wondering about a possible shipping date as I had some TEMS training in a few weeks and I had planned my order accordingly with their expected wait times for the plates, I was not expecting not not get the pouches. The best answer they could give me was something to the effect of "we have no idea". I was initally ok with this. Over the course of the next month I e-mailed them wondering about it as I wasnt getting any updates.

At one point one of the service reps said there wasnt anything they could do but sent, "Good vibes my way". I informed him that "good vibes" did me no good on the street and didn't get me to training. I also asked them why they had never posted that their HSGI mag pouches were backordered on their site and even running a sale on them while I was still waiting for mine with no answer! While I was still waiting for my mag pouches they sent me an e-mail wanting me to rate my products before I even got them! I then e-maield them again asking them about these items and voiced my extreme displeasure with them and that I would be recommending a different company to my friends, supply officers to other departments and other officers and wouldn't you know, the mag pouches showed up a few days later (1 month after I received my cairrier/plates 2 monthes after the order date), without so much as a letter and after canceling my training (department wasn't happy). Guess dropping almost $650.00 at a company means nothing. I will not be coming back to this company and am telling as many officers as I can about this experience. I had welcomed their customer servie to call me regarding this and havn't heard a thing yet. (Posted on 3/9/2017)

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