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AR500 Armor® Veritas™ Modular Plate Carrier

AR500 Armor® Veritas™ Modular Plate Carrier

Product Review (submitted on November 24, 2018):
-received carrier is as advertised product (like seen in picture/description)
-multi cam camo pattern - good -did not vary from ACU color/pattern
- minimal coverage - this was primary reason for this purchase, I desired a reduced weight/bulky armor
-material feels durable/tear resistant
-shoulder harness straps - comfortable - spaced enough not to pinch neck, good job at hold height of armor
-fits well soft / hard plates simultaneously - armor insertion was a little tight when inserting hard plate over soft but doable, velcro tuck holds both securely
-webbing - good
-stitching secure
-plastic clips - it able to perform quick release of armor by battle buddy to assess wounds while able to re-secure armor if needed (primary duty armor - eagle industry armor - has quick release cables - once you pull out, very hard to re-secure armor back into plate carrier)

-side straps - very difficult to secure/clip once armor is put on - I am muscular build, the sides straps were hard to reach/ clip in and tighten without help, best way i found to do this is to size one side and leave buckled, leave other side long/loose. then slip into the carrier from the open side and try to reach/buckle/tighten - very difficulty to reach than buckle last side strap with single same side arm/hand. however this method leaves long tail flapping, to tighten - you have to push backward/behind you while holding the strap - not a natural movement, not tightening the side straps adequately will cause the carrier will jump around with movement/running. I would have like to see a more accessible "tightening" mechanism that the user can use independently after donning the carrier (perhaps tightening straps attached to the side straps under a front flap rather than having a front pocket or change the orientation of clips to where the user pulls the strap forward to tighten.)
-inside netting - ?designed for "breath-ability" - expect to sweat using body armor - you just are. even with soft armor layered under hard plate - the sensation on the skin is that there is a piece of metal directly on your chest. entirely different feel from my primary duty armor made by Eagle industry (which despite being much more bulky - is much more comfortable with respects to armor feel against skin - i would rather the carrier have more padding to cushion plates/carrier to user.
poor comfort - combined with lack of adequate cushion/side straps issue - not really comfortable - dont really want to wear something for hours/days on end in austere environ, moving/etc, if its not comfortable
-soft armor - vendor stated 4-6 wk production time, I did not receive for 8 wks, had to make multiple calls for sitrep on ETA (it would be nice if they sent out periodic emails to inform the consumer of the status)

would i recommend/buy again

pockets - not tested/used