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AR Ceramic Level IV Testudo Bundle

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This armor is made to stop tyrant ammo. The C2 Multi-Hit gives maximum power, ready to stop multiple .30-06 armor-piercing rounds. The Testudo Carrier gives maximum latitude, with high adjustability and extra-large coverage + gear-carrying ability.

Keep the best Tools of Liberty at hand; Stay in the Fight. Available upgrades include two Frag Wrap protective sleeves and the Protector Helmet.

Note: The Testudo Carrier by itself is not ballistically rated. It is intended to carry bullet-resistant body armor.

Included in Bundle

  • 1 x Testudo Gen II Plate Carrier
  • 2 x C2 Multi-Hit Level IV Plates - 10" x 12"

Available Upgrades

  • 1x The IIIA Protector Helmet
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    Maximum latitude. Maximum stopping power. This bundle gives you the best.

    The Testudo Gen 2.0 Plate Carrier is made primarily of 500D Cordura and adjusts via cummerbund and shoulder straps to a perfect fit for the wearer. The cummerbund is also able to house 6x6 or 6x8 size side plates so you can ensure you have protection in all directions of fire. The Testudo features MOLLE webbing for attaching pouches, holsters, and other accessories, as well as an integral kangaroo pouch, integral admin pouch, removable side buckle system, and a reinforced drag handle. It is adjustable from M to XXXL T-shirt size.

    Our Ceramic C2 Multi-Hit plate is manufactured in-house, and made to handle powerful military-issue cartridges like the 30-06 M2 Armor Piercing round (7.62x63mm). Most importantly, the Level IV is able to stop multiple .30 caliber armor-piercing rounds; tested to NIJ 0101.06 Level IV rifle standards. 

    Available as an upgrade, the Chest Rig Kit keeps you prepared with even more offensive & defensive goods. The Rig itself works both as an independent gear carrier and as a way to quickly switch loadouts on your armor setup; the pouches that come with it make sure you have options on the field. Included are the General Purpose Pouch, Double Pistol Mag Pouch, Shotgun Pouch, and TQ Pouch, all mountable to the Rig or any other MOLLE platform on your loadout.

    Also available to upgrade is the PASGT-style Protector Helmet is tried-and-true ballistic headgear; it stops all Level IIIA threats (and lesser ones) and weighs just three pounds. For sizing information, please see specifications tab above.


    • Material: 500D Nylon
    • Supported Plate Size: 10”x12” & 11"x14"
    • Size: For body types M to 3XL
    • Weight: 3.6 lbs
    • Features: Built-in Cummerbund with side plate pouches, kangaroo pouch, and admin pouch
    • Manufactured: Vietnam (AR500 Armor)

    C2 Multi-Hit

    • Material: Ceramic 
    • Protection: .30 caliber armor-piercing (AP) bullets (U.S. Military designation M2 AP) with a specified mass of 10.8g (166gr) and a velocity of 2,880 ft/s (+/- 30 ft/s).
    • Special Threat Testing:
      • Multi-Hit, .30-06 cal, 166-grain APM2, 2,880 ± 30 ft/s
      • Multi-Hit, 7.62 x 54R-mm, 155-grain B-32 API, 2,880 ± 30 ft/s
      • Multi-Hit, 7.62 x 39-mm, 123-grain PS Ball 2,400 ± 30 ft/s
    • Capability: Multi-hit protection 
    • Weight: 7.4 LBS
    • Thickness: 1” inch
    • Dimensions:
      • 10" x 12"
    • Shelf life: 5 years
    • Compatibility: Testudo, Veritas, Valkyrie, Independence & Invictus Carriers
    • Manufactured: United States

    Protector Helmet 

    • Material: Aramid Composite, hard pressed
    • Features: upper head protection 
    • Protection: .357 SIG FMJ Flat Nose (FN) bullets with a specified mass of 8.1 g (125 gr) and a velocity range of 1400-1450 fps and with .44 Magnum Semi Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP) bullets with a specified mass of 15.6 g
    • Size & Weight:


    • Outer: 10.4" x 8.6" x 6.2" (30.7" circumference)
    • Inner: 9.8" x 8" x 5.9" (28.5" circumference)
    • Thickness: 0.32"
    • Weight: 3.2 lbs

    Extra Large

    • Outer: 10.9" x 8.9" x 6.8" (31.7" circumference)
    • Inner: 10.3" x 8.3" x 6.5" (29.4" circumference)
    • Thickness: 0.32"
    • Weight: 3.3 lbs

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