Tax Tier Discounts

Tax Day is upon us!

Did you enjoy participating in our annual tradition?

Were you delighted to find that your bill was less than expected?

Are you confident that your hard earned money will be efficently spent on only the most important of issues facing our republic?

We didn't think so.

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

In honor of our glorious tax code, we've decided to mimic the very same graduated percentages for this two week sitewide sale.

Simply shop around the site for whatever gear you'd like, and a percentage of the subtotal will automatically be subtracted from your total at checkout. No coupon code necessary.

Subtotal Value Discount Amount
 $0-99 10%
 $100-199 12%
 $200-399 22%
 $400-799 24%
 $800-1,599 32%
 $1,600-2,999 35%
 $3,000+ 37% (Top 1%)

*Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with coupon codes.

We know it can hurt to send a percentage of the product of your labor to the government, so this is our way of trying to give a portion of that value back to you.

It's hard work being a net contributor to the system, and people like you are a big part of what makes this country great, so keep it up!

Your friends at the Armored Republic.