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Targets by AR500 Armor® 1/2" Steel Target - 6" x 11" A-Zone

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AR500 Armor® 1/2" Steel Target - 6" x 11" A-Zone

AR500 Armor® is proud to offer our AR500 Armor® Steel Targets for sale. AR500 Armor® provides consumers access to the best Steel Targets made of quality ½” steel. These steel targets were built from the ground up to be an affordable and dependable option for serious and casual shooters alike. The AR500 Armor® 6”x11” An A-Zone target is essential for shooters looking to enhance their tactical shooting skills on a realistic target.

All of the AR500 Armor® Steel Targets are manufactured in the USA and meet strict quality control guidelines, making AR500 Armor® your #1 choice when you’re looking for steel silhouette targets for sale. Whether you are looking for steel targets shaped like gongs, silhouettes, or something a little different, all of our steel targets are rated to handle even the heaviest of common firearm calibers.

These ½” AR500 Armor® Steel Plate Targets are rated for use with most common pistol calibers at a distance of no less than 7 meters and most common rifle calibers at a distance of no less than 50 meters. We strongly discourage the use of steel core ammunition. As always, be safe out there, always be situation aware, and understand that spall and frag are always a danger with uncoated ballistic steel targets. Respect your distances and your aim points.

Our targets are manufactured to accept a 3/8 inch carriage bolts.

Targets ship unpainted


Name in Bundles A Zone - 6" x 11"
UPC: 00819718023085
Manufacturer AR500 Armor
Rating filter No
Approximate Weight (LBS) 9.5000
Target Size: 6" x 11" AZONE
Approximate Thickness: 0.5"
Discontinued? No


Customer Reviews

Poor, not as advertised. Review by Mark Hatfield Bradenton, Florida
1. Slightly smaller than advertised, 5.75 x 10.75.
2. Hanging hole roughly cut.
3. Not safe to shoot at distance advertised.

I could live with #s 1 and 2. However I bought this specifically because it was described as ok for most centerfire rifles at closer distances than the products from other manufacturers, specified was 50 meters. At 50 yards this target craters, and badly, with non-steel core ammunition, specifically Privi Partizan 5.56 55 grain M193 out of a 16 inch barrel.

Noted: I have only shot one of the three plates which I purchased so I don't know if only this one was bad or all are the same. It is also possible that the product description is simply wrong and exaggerated for this product.
Thank you for your review Mark!
I just wanted to address the issues you pointed out. The dimensions of the target can be a few hundreds of an inch smaller than advertised because they are hand ground after plasma cut. This is to allow us to grind down the edges making them handling safe.
The holes are also hand ground, and using a circular disk to cut a square hole by hand can be challenging. We use carriage bolts, and test every hole to ensure it captures the carriage bolt's square base and prevents it from turning when tightening the wing nuts.
Lastly is the shooting distance. The augmented distance of 50 meters is for your safety, not to prevent damage to the target. The targets are designed to have a softer surface and hardened core. This allows the bullet to smash out before hitting the hardened core and shattering. By doing this we can decelerate the projectile, meaning less fragmentation radius once the round hits the hardened core. This allows us to reduce the range required for the safe shooting of these targets. 7 meters with handgun and 50 meters with rifle are dangerous within this range unless you have a softer surface hardness to help decelerate the projectile. You can shoot our targets thousands of times and even though you will have surface pitting, the hardened core will not be damaged. I hope this helps clarify any confusion on these plates. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by giving us a call at 602-501-9607 M-F 8AM-5PM MST or by sending us an email to
(Posted on 6/27/2019)

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