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    NEW: Fixed Target Stand Manual

    Our Fixed Target Stand was created from the get go with the customer in mind. Designed using high quality and durable steel, these stands are a great value and built to last. Their easy assembly and disassembly makes them portable and easy to store. Simply provide your own 2 x4, cut to the length of your preference at your local home improvement store, assemble, and enjoy!

    Designed to bring you the best value, our Fixed Target Stand, will mount any of our 1/2" steel targets. However, please note, you are responsible for the safe and proper use of your stand. Should any components become damaged, you must absolutely replace them. 

    Hardware Included:

    (2) 4" x 3/8" Carriage Bolts
    (4) 3" x 3/8" Carriage Bolts
    (6) 3/8" Flat Washers
    (6) 3/8" Lock Washers
    (6) 3/8" Wingnuts
    (2) Rubber Grommets

    2x Stand Legs
    2x Stand Leg Braces
    1x Target Mounting Bracket


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