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Warrior DCS (Dynamic Combat System) Plate Carrier - (Carrier made of NON-Ballistic materials)
The Warrior DCS Plate Carrier combines many of the great features you would expect in a top tier plate carrier while taking a minimalist approach; all without sacrificing webbing real-estate or armor coverage. Compatible with 10” x 12” body armor (does not accept level III square back armor) and featuring a fully adjustable design, the warrior provides best in class value without sacrificing quality. 
A single quick release front mounted shoulder buckle is located on the left shoulder, and strategically placed to not interfere with the butt stock of your weapon, a common problem among other plate carriers. “Pre-tensioned” PALS/MOLLE webbing line the front and rear of the plate carrier, the pre-tension feature allows easier webbing of pouches! The cummerbund flap is fully webbed to obtain optimal pouch position. Vertical webbing allows attachment of QUASM buckles for easy chest rig adaptation, and guide tabs ride along each side of the carrier for easy wire or hydration tube routing.
The shoulder straps are full adjustable for proper plate ride height, and included are top notch padded shoulder pads for improved comfort. The reinforced semi-rigid cummerbund prevents sagging with side armor installed, and is fully adjustable to accommodate different girths. It’s also compatible with side armor (both soft and hard). Fits up to 6” x 8” side plates, both soft and hard, in addition to 5” x 7” soft IIIA inserts which can be worn in conjunction with hard 6” x 8” armor plates. Easy pull handles located on the front end of each cummerbund side allow for easy donning and doffing. A removable Velcro padded, utility pouch with bungee top which can be used to store your radio or additional magazines is also included and attaches to the inner side of the cummerbund. The inner side of the plate carrier is lined with padded moisture wicking improved 3D mesh for improved air flow. The heavy duty drag handle is located on the back side of the plate carrier and secures to the carrier via Velcro to prevent snagging.
The Warrior DCS nails the balance of fit and form, function, and value – being one of the most feature packed and quality produced plate carriers in its price range.
Warrior DCS Plate Carrier Specs:
Construction: 500D Cordura and Mil-Spec Webbing
Weight: 2lb
Colors: Black, Coyote, Olive Drab, and Multi-Cam
Armor Compatibility: Standard 10” x 12” Body Armor in both soft and hard variants (not compatible with level III square back armor)
Warrior DCS Plate Carrier Features:
  • NTAO certified
  • Quick release low profile shoulder buckle
  • 500D cordura & mil-spec webbing
  • 3D Spacer mesh improves comfort and airflow
  • Comfortable padded shoulder pads
  • All hardware used provides lower I.R. signature possible
  • Semi-Rigid cummerbund prevents sagging
  • Ergonomic cummerbund & flap pull tabs for easy donning & doffing
  • Side armor compatible
  • 100% water repellent
  • Lifetime warranty against defects
  • Made in the UK
What is the difference between the Banshee & Warrior Plate Carrier?
The Warrior DCS Plate Carrier features many improvements over the Banshee plate carrier, at a slight price increase. See below for some highlights of the Warrior Plate Carrier while comparing models:
  • 3D mesh inner lining
  • Improved shoulder straps and padding
  • Low profile quick release buckle for improved stock weld
  • Sturdy semi-rigid cummerbund to prevent sagging
  • Built in side plate pouches for both soft and hard body armor
  • “Pre-Tensioned” webbing for easier gear attachment, with increased real-estate
  • Guide tabs for hydration or wire routing
  • Front side vertical webbing for chest rig adaptation
  • Ergonomic pull tabs on cummerbund and cummerbund flap for easier donning and doffing


Manufacturer Warrior Assault Systems
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Carrier Manufacturer Warrior Assault Systems (UK)
Plate Carrier Type Warrior
Cummerbund Cummerbund w/ side plate pockets
Carrier Construction Material 500D Nylon
Weight (LBS) 2.0000
Discontinued? No


Customer Reviews

Fantastic Review by Brian
I bought this plate carrier with the 10x12 lightweight 3+ plates and 6x6 lightweight 3+ side plates. I have had them for 7 or 8 months and have used them for training a few times now. The setup is heavy but the carrier takes and distributes the weight nicely. I’m 6 2” and 225 lbs and find it covers me well. Only wish both shoulders had the quick release buckles. Over all great setup! (Posted on 7/14/2018)
Great Product/Service Review by Allen
Ordered on the 18th and received it on the 21st. Product is well put together and the service is great. Can't wait to put range time with it on! (Posted on 6/21/2018)
Too small for a pudgy 5'8 guy! Review by Paul
Luckily, they sent 2 plate carriers with my order. 1 warrior and 1 ??? I haven't figured out which model it is. Both are too small for me and my belly but luckily, I have other carriers I can put my level 4 plates in from this. This company has been good with other products I've bought so I won't wine to them about this. I'm sure it will fit one of my family members. (Posted on 3/23/2018)
Good quality but a bit small. Review by Jones
I purchased this so that I could have my own personal plate carrier. Unfortunately either I'm too big (6'2" ~192lb) or this plate carrier is supposed to be very small. All in all, it's a little bigger than half the size of the other plate carrier I own which is a medium. And no matter how much adjusting I could do with this one, it certainly wouldn't protect all my vital organs. (Posted on 3/9/2018)
High quality Review by damon
very high quality easy to adjust and extremely comfortable (Posted on 10/13/2017)
Good quality Review by YAISEL
Excellent product and good price after 4 weeks receive the plate carrier,feel good i just love it . (Posted on 1/20/2017)
Well Done Review by Christopher
I ordered this, with ammo pouches and Level III+ plates, front, back and sides, on 11/26 and they were at my door on 12/3. Amazing product. Amazing AZ company. Well done, Gents. (Posted on 12/4/2016)
My First plate carrier Review by Miller357
This is my first plate carrier. Seems pretty nice.
my only concern is the quick release strap is pretty narrow, unlike the strap on the right side.
The right side strap is probably 3 " wide and the left (quick release strap) side is only about 1" if that. Just make me wonder if it would hold up under heavy stress. I know it has a warranty from defects but if it would happen to rip apart when most needed that warranty means nothing.
It's NATO certified so it most likely hold up but it's still in the back of my mind.
Other than that it seems like a solid platform. And like someone else said on the thread theres three rows of Velcro, unlike the picture that shows only two. Which is cool if you want wanted to have plenty of room for patches.
The inside mesh is nice and I can tell it would add comfort if I had to wear it for hours.
I'm 5-7 and weigh 155. I had to use pretty much all the adjustment to fit without any plates in the carrier. I would image when I get my plates I'll have to lossen the adjustments up alil bit.
Like I said this is my first carrier, so I don't know all the pros and cons of each platform. I just think DCS could have made the quick release strap a little wider. Other than that Im pretty happy with my purchase and it arrived very quick. (Posted on 11/16/2016)
Review from Powell, USMC Review by Powell, USMC
This is the best plate carrier that I've ever worn. It has all of the features that are listed and comes in the correct shade of Coyote Brown for my USMC needs. It's also the most comfortable plate carrier that I've ever donned because of the 3D mesh on the inside that's WAY better and super innovative, with more cooling properties than the standard mesh that the lower end plate carriers have in there. Very comfortable and breathable. Also, I received mine within the estimated ship/receive dates. On a side note, if your OCD is as bad as mine and you're wondering why the heck they only put two little strips of Velcro on the front and back of the carrier, the one I just received has an extra third row under the ones pictured... I was thrilled when I noticed that there were 3 rows of Velcro right out of the box which leads me to believe that the manufacturers obviously had some feedback on that and fixed it so don't worry about not having enough space for your patchwork, etc. All in all, I would order another one in a heartbeat. Now it's time to throw some HSGI Taco LT's on there and put in some work. (Posted on 8/22/2016)
Review from Crazy MED1C Review by Crazy MED1C
I have used a variety of plate carriers over the years ranging from 80 to 600$ with out plates and this beats them all. For the Money your getting what some charge 5-600$ for. This also happens to be one of the most breathable and comfortable Plate carrier have I ever used. I was worried about the pre- tensioned webbing fearing my kit would wobble but its solid just the perfect amount of slack to use with malice clips, gen 1&2. Pair this with H.S.G.I TACO Magazine pouch and S.O.Tech Viper Flat Individual First Aid Kit, IFAK and you will have The Perfect Set up.

Be safe & enjoy you will not regret buying this. (Posted on 8/10/2016)
Review from Joe Review by Joe
I ran this plate carrier in a carbine two class and it functioned perfectly. Half the day I spent running it with lvl 3 plates.

Excellent carrier, add on some TACO's as I did and it's ready to rock.
AAR of the class and carrier-
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8utoeLv77Ao (Posted on 11/4/2015)
Review from Christopher O'Rourke Review by Christopher O'Rourke
Great piece of gear! I set up with Level III front and back plates and IIIA soft panels on the sides to reduce some weight. Excellent set up! (Posted on 9/29/2015)
Review from William Review by William
Excellent Quality and Value!! (Posted on 9/19/2015)
Review from Mike Review by Mike
Couldn't be happier with the construction of the carrier. Easily adjustable and comfortable to wear for long periods. (Posted on 7/31/2015)

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