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Operator II Plate Carrier-2lbs-Size M-XL-For 10x12 or 11x14 Plates

Operator II Plate Carrier-2lbs-Size M-XL-For 10x12 or 11x14 Plates

Product Review (submitted on July 16, 2014):
NOTE: The picture here is not the carrier you will receive; it is a picture of the OLD style carrier. The one you will receive is the NEWER version which addresses many issues the old one had, but still has some flaws to work out. It is still an excellent carrier nonetheless. Please read on to find out why.

This carrier is a great budget carrier for military operators, law enforcement officers, and civilians alike. It is highly modular and will accept a wide variety of plate sizes. The tan color is great, and the stitching is well done albeit at a few places (will expand on this later).

- Lightweight
- Modular
- Accepts a good range of plate sizes
- This newer version has extra features like PALS Webbing on the shoulder pads as well as Hook and Loop straps to route comm wires, hydration tubes, etc.

- The stitching on the front bib is STILL uneven just like its predecessor. You can only mount 3 AR/AK mag pouches on the front, so you cannot streamline it for 6 with the cummberbund (you end up having to use double stackers, but that shouldn't be a problem since "we don't live in a prone world").
- The modularity of this vest is not only a pro, but also a con (go figure). This vest needs more time for tailoring to a skinnier person than for one who has...uh...more girth. I'm not a twig by any means (yeah I do physical training 3-5 days a week), but it took me a while to adjust the cummerbund to fit properly and have most of the critical area of my torso covered with my plates (front, rear, and sides).
- The carrier does not ride as high as I thought it would, so 6x8 side plates are a better option than most people think, but this carrier has another qwirk which I will address
- If you go with this carrier, the cummerbund is streamlined with 6x6 plates. It will definitely fit 6x8 plates (there is another fold under the first flap), but this will cause an issue: the elastic that holds the two halves of the cummerbund together will not hold it up as well as with 6x6 plates (even then, I can see some overstretch with them). This was another issue that was found on the MOPC I, but I guess an MOPC III might be in the works to completely fix all these issues. Who knows?

Summary: This plate carrier is HIGHLY recommended, especially for anyone on a budget. The only competitor it has is the TAG Mayhem carrier, which features a Quick Release Tab, but I believe it's being discontinued and it is not as modular as the Condor MOPC II --- from what I can see, you can remove the shoulder pads of the MOPC II and it would pass for a covert plate carrier - even with side plates (as long as the PALS didn't press against the clothes, or vice versa).

So even with its present qwirks, I say go for it.

Also, AR500 Armor's shipping and delivery were more prompt than expected.

Get this carrier and some plates from AR500, and you are Good to Go!