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Operator II Plate Carrier-2lbs-Size M-XL-For 10x12 or 11x14 Plates

Operator II Plate Carrier-2lbs-Size M-XL-For 10x12 or 11x14 Plates

Product Review (submitted on October 21, 2014):
My Kit:
Condor MOPC
AR500 Curved 10x12 front plate, shooters cut
AR500 Flat 10x12 rear plate, rectangular cut
Nutnfancy FEAR NO EVIL name tape

The MOPC loaded with both plates is not totally unwieldy and puts on and is taken off fairly easily. The layout seems straight forward and needs no explanation. Right off the bat I noticed the build quality to be adequate- The 'Admin Pouch' seam tore when my wife pulled it open on one side which, honestly, is no big deal since I will probably never use it. I am not some high speed operator but a civilian preparing for what crap may hit the fan and a man using the weight of the rig to get in better shape, too. I have worn the plate carrier around the house doing chores, watching tv and even worked out with it on to see how comfortable it is. It's really quite easy to wear around and I was not sweating as much as I anticipated. I also took it to the range and tested the ergonomics of my shotgun rig with it and the plate carrier and the extra weight were never in the way. Also, I can still draw from my IWB holster with it on with ease and comfortably and quickly reholster like usual. I have no magazine retention yet but I think with a bit of sewing and slight adjustment I should be able to fit some on with no problem so I can have some ammo at the ready, hopefully 6 pmags and 2 pistol mags. I will probably also add some soft armor panels from AR500Armor for the sides to add some extra protection and an emergency medical kit.

Overall I think this is a fairly good product for the price point and I am satisfied with the level of quality for its intended purpose. I am not a professional but I think this plate carrier is good enough to be used by one that needs an entry level piece of kit. If it falls apart, you can just buy another for still less than you can buy an American made one but there's no way it will last like the USA produced gear.

Great service from I will definitely continue to purchase and recommend their armor products.
Thank you AR500Armor! Keep up the good work so we can remain free to live and prosper as we please.