Operator II Plate Carrier-2lbs-Size M-XL-For 10x12 or 11x14 Plates






Operator II® Plate Carier - (Carrier made of NON-Ballistic materials)
The Operator II Molle Plate Carrier with AR500 Body Armor is the perfect combination of affordability and protection. It offers an ergonomic design front and rear panel, giving coverage where you want and space where you need. Combined with our Advanced Shooters Cut Trauma Plate you’ll be able to properly shoulder your rifle.
Inside of the Operator II you’ll find moisture wicking mesh which allows the vest to breathe during use. The fully adjustable and removable Cummerbund includes built in side plate pockets which can accept both 6” x 6” and 6” x 8” trauma plates. (Please note the flap located on the INSIDE of the side plate pocket which extends out to allow 6” x 8” armor side plates to be correctly installed)
Front and rear plate pockets feature an elastic horizontal band along with a vertical / adjustable retention strap which allows you to adjust the ride height and positioning of your trauma plate.
Padded and fully adjustable shoulder and side straps allow this carrier to be a one size fits all.
Front abdomen admin pocket is secured with Velcro and allows you to store flat accessories, documents or maps without any additional pouches; it’s built into the carrier.
The Operator II is light weight, fully adjustable front plate retention to size and affordable.
Fits multiple M4 / AR15 Magazine Molle pouches, Pistol Pouches, Utility Pouches, Rear side Hydration Carrier and many other pouches.
The Operator II® is made by Condor Outdoor Products which manufactures products in both China and the United States. This particular product is from their facilities in China which we have fully vetted as to product quality, manufacturing processes, materials used, and their quality control and we stand 100% behind this product which allows us to keep products affordable while offering our customers the best solutions for their hard-earned dollars.

Operator II® Carrier Specs:

Weight: 2 lbs (without armor)
Size: Medium – XL
Color: Black, Coyote, Olive Drab, and MultiCam (Additional Price)
Armor Compatibility: Standard 10” x 12”, and 11" x 14" Body Armor in both soft and hard variants


Manufacturer Condor
Rating filter N/A
Weight (LBS) N/A
Carrier Manufacturer Condor (China)
Plate Carrier Type Operator II
Cummerbund Cummerbund w/ side plate pockets
Carrier Construction Material 600D Nylon
Discontinued? Yes


Customer Reviews

Condor and AR500 are excellent combo! Review by Dan
It bugs me how often I see the brand Condor associated with airsoft stuff, like it's basically the toys-r-us version of tactical gear. The fact that AR500 sells their products as legit gear should be enough for anyone to know that's not the case. I bought the large, contoured, shaped front panel and the large back panel, III+, which as most people will know is not light. I wore the rig, mounted with a Condor triple mag pouch, and ran through about 120 rounds at the range, both standing and prone, and found the padding to be very comfortable while leaving ample room for shouldering my rifle stock. Cummerbund cinches nice and snug while leaving room for movement, and the MOLLE webbing provides ample space for the two taco pouches I've added, the med kit and now the Condor hydration bladder I've added to the back. These two companies are top-notch, very affordable, and very reliable. (Posted on 11/28/2017)
Why spend more? Review by Zach
Extremely durable carrier. The cummerbund was immensely huge so I used the molle and weaved some paracord through it. Worked great. 10x12 plates fit perfect and snug. Excellent carrier for the price. (Posted on 11/17/2017)
Great carrier, but only if you're big. Review by Nat
I bought this carrier and when I got it in the mail, it was HUGE. I'm 6'3" and 160 pounds, so I'm pretty thin. When I tried the carrier on I was shocked at how roomy the cummerbund was. Even when it was adjusted to its tightest length, it was considerably big. Other than that, great quality. (Posted on 10/19/2017)
great customer service, great products, top tier company. Review by james Verified Purchase
I ordered the operator 2 plate carrier and two 11x14 level 3 plates with two trauma pads and the base coat of the paxcon spall protection. first of all I'm about 5'8 150 pounds and this plate fits very well and could easily fit someone much larger than myself. that said after placing my initial order I wanted to get the Paxcon build up which customer service was able to make the changes in my order with no hassle. all in my experience dealing with the company was great and I got a great product for a fair price. I will be recommending this company and its products to my friends and family. (Posted on 10/11/2017)
Disappointed Review by John
This product was on back order, so when I finally received it I was expecting a lot more. The side buckles for the plate carrier dig into your side if you order side plates. The quick release buckles are on your back, so therefore are useless unless medical personnel need to remove your vest. If you purchased the 8x10 shooters cut vest DO NOT purchase this carrier because your plates will shift, and will not sit where they are supposed to. Only the smaller side plates will fit. This product is not one that AR500 makes, so this review is not aimed at them because I think their plates are above average quality. (Posted on 2/10/2017)
My PERSONAL experience with the Operator II plate carrier Review by Justin
I received the plate carrier much sooner than expected. If I remember correctly, it was within 3 days of ordering with regular shipping. When I first got it, I loved it. Even though the cummerbund was quite loose on me, and even on my larger friend. I took it camping, and because I don't own any mag pouches, put two fully loaded 30 round AK mags in the kangaroo pouch. Worked well, and when I needed a place to store a third mag, The unused side plate pouches worked perfectly. Overall, I love this carrier, but have now removed the cummerbund. Now that I've done that, I can adjust it to fit a bit better, and I love it even more. Will buy more from AR500 Armor. (Posted on 11/6/2016)
Review from Paul Brayton Review by Paul Brayton
Almoat everything lives up to the description. It's ruggedly constructed. Has all of the features. Everything I wanted and hoped for in a standard plate carrier. But.
The side pouches do not accept 6x8 plates. The velcro on the retention flap does not meet with its paired material on the cumberbund while a 6x8 plate is installed in the pouch. I really want the kit and everything else it has to offer so I'm going to easily fix this with a double sided velcro panel extension.
I just want to inform everyone and let you decide how to get around the inaccuracy of the product description. Thank you. (Posted on 9/3/2016)
Review from Ryan Review by Ryan
I stand 5'11" and weigh in at 155 lbs with a 30 inch waist at best. The medium doesn't fit my build at all. The side plates no matter what I did would flop to the side because I couldn't get the cumberbund tight enough around my waist. I ended up buying a LBT modular plate carrier. This fit my build perfectly. (Posted on 8/16/2016)
Review from Bigshooter414 Review by Bigshooter414
Carrier is great for the value. The side plate pouches are a little too tight for my SAPI side plates. But overall very satisfied and very comfortable. (Posted on 8/3/2016)
Review from B S Review by B S
Good stuff. I have many military friends and they tell me this is top quality. I just hope I never need it. (Posted on 8/3/2016)
Review from Bones Review by Bones
Looks great, fits great, feels great, holds everything great, and overall great. Glad I purchased. 6' @ 200 lbs. (Posted on 3/15/2016)
Review from Gary Spence Review by Gary Spence
Great carrier plenty of adjustment only con I can find if you're tall and you order the 6x8 side plates keeping the side plate pockets shut can be a challenge fixed mine with some bungee shoe laces. Keeps them closed, easy to get out for cleaning, but they definitely stay in place. Like they say adapt, and overcome. Hurahh (Posted on 3/4/2016)
Review from David Review by David
put the front and back plates in. the side plate pockets DO NOT fit 6x8 plates - only the 6x6 plates will fit. also i'm a bit leery about the stitching and whether it will not tear. already some of the single-stitching on the shoulder pads is unravelling and one of the loops has already separated . (Posted on 2/23/2016)
Review from Wayne Review by Wayne
Everything fits together nicely and appears to be of high quality ! No complaints from me ! P.S customer service is great ! (Posted on 2/22/2016)
Review from Cole Review by Cole
This is a great product, it is lightweight but durable and is easily adjustable. AR500 wouldn't sell this if it wasn't a good quality product. (Posted on 2/16/2016)
Review from James Jones Review by James Jones
Great carried for the money , lots of adjustment and comfortable (Posted on 2/5/2016)
Review from James Varelman Review by James Varelman
Could not be much happier, stellar customer service and a good product at a great price. (Posted on 1/26/2016)
Review from Russ Griffith Review by Russ Griffith
Seems sturdy enough, plenty of options, but why not put your company logo on it somewhere? Seems like you'd want people to know your gear at a glance in a market that is flooding with like items. (Posted on 1/25/2016)
Review from Shelley Faught Review by Shelley Faught
Don't really know anything about the product, it was a gift for my husband for Christmas and he was very pleased with it, after I ordered it I had not heard anything about delivery so I emailed and found out that it was not expected to make it for Christmas but when I told the gentleman I spoke with it was a Christmas gift he went out of this way to make that happen and I did receive by Christmas. Thank you! (Posted on 1/12/2016)
Review from WILL Review by WILL
I recently received this carrier along with the 10x12 III+ plates and am very pleased. The only improvements needed on the carrier would be to have two ride height adjustment straps on the inside of the front and back plate pockets instead of one so as to hold plates more firmly in place, also two side snaps instead of one would help hold the carrier more snug around the body, but overall it is a great carrier for those on a budget or those who need larger chest adjustability. For those who may see aregularguy review on YouTube PLEASE note that PROBLEMS he points out, such as the adjustment string for the cumberbund are simple fixes such as tie the ends instead of using the draw string holder...duh. Like I said overall a great product for the prepped and a decent one for those who won't likely ever need it. I am however, displeased that I didn't get a hat or patch thrown in on a $700 order. You would think that a patch would come standard with the purchase of plates and carrier just so HEY you could rep where you bought them, and on high dollar orders like mine a hat or t-shirt would be thrown your way for placing such a large order, but I digress. P.S. thanks to Jess and Thomas for their outstanding customer support and assistance with correcting my order. (Posted on 1/11/2016)
Review from Allen Review by Allen
Nice carrier that expanded for the 11 x 14 plates and well as my large frame, 6' 1" @ 250 lbs. Good value and well made. (Posted on 1/11/2016)
Review from Dave Review by Dave
Good quality at great price. Carrier fits like a glove. I'm 6:1 with an average build. Seams and straps very well stitched. Will purchase another when on sale again. (Posted on 12/31/2015)
Review from Cw arnold Review by Cw arnold
It's a great plate carrier fully adjustable feels of good quality and is comfortable when wearing (Posted on 12/30/2015)
Review from Scott Review by Scott
Great fit, Outstanding workmanship, materials are top of the line. Shipping was faster than I expected.
I just can't help but wear it all the time. (Posted on 12/16/2015)
Review from Christy Review by Christy
Great fit especially for a voluptuous woman, outstanding workmanship, materials are top of the line. Shipping was faster than I expected. CAMO was better than expected.
*** Instructions for adjusting the vest should be included. (Posted on 12/16/2015)
Review from Hugh Review by Hugh
Great fit, Outstanding workmanship, materials are top of the line. Shipping was faster than I expected. (Posted on 12/16/2015)
Review from BB Review by BB
Outstanding quality product. Ordered with curved built up 10X12 plates and they fit great. Side plates make it more difficult to get on and off but fit well. While the 6X8 side plates fit, i would get the smaller version for comfort and ease of access. Very satisfied! (Posted on 12/9/2015)
Review from Warren Review by Warren
Great quality. The only problem I had was with the cumberbund. I'm 5'8 and 195lbs. I have a fairly larger chest, shoulders and back for my size and the plate carrier fit perfectly but my waist is quite small so I really have to stretch the cummerbund and that prevents the velcro from being fully utilized and with a load including but not limited to four 556 mags and two 9mm mags it's a little looser then I'd like but it's not the worst. With all that being said its still a great kit. I've been running this plate carrier for a few weeks in country now and I love it. If fits nice and feels great while sitting, standing, walking, and running with a full load on. I would definitely recommend this kit but if you have a build like myself you may be searching for a cummerbund or just removing it all together. (Posted on 11/13/2015)
Review from Jesse Benavides Review by Jesse Benavides
First off, nothing in the product info states that this is anything other than an AR500 product. When I received my plate carrier it was labeled "Condor". Otherwise I am satisfied with the product and decided to keep it and am currently purchasing add-ons for it from AR500. As far as fitment, If you are 3x or bigger you might want to just take out the cummerbund as it may not fit you (It doesn't fit around me). Without it, it fits just fine with some adjustment. Overall very good and I will be purchasing from AR500 again in the near future. (Posted on 10/21/2015)
Review from Conley Review by Conley
Excellent workmanship and quality! Very comfortable to wear, easy to fit, and greatly reduces the perceived weight of the armor being carried inside. When we ordered the led time was 5 to 8 weeks, everything in our order arrived in 5 weeks! Incredible customer service and support. I called with an inquiry regarding some of the items we ordered and they were incredibly helpful and fast. I would definitely do business with them again and highly recommend . (Posted on 9/10/2015)
Review from Willie Guerrero Review by Willie Guerrero
What plater fit this plate carrier i am 6.1 will this be good for me ? (Posted on 9/2/2015)
Review from Bernie Pletschet Review by Bernie Pletschet
Great service, Excellent Carrier, outstanding price (Posted on 8/23/2015)
Review from Matt Edwards Review by Matt Edwards
Love the plate carrier great rig for the money has more webbing than you will even know what to do with! Like I said with the plates, AR500 has my business for life (Posted on 8/20/2015)
Review from Justin Review by Justin
What a great company..and even better products, thank you again. Operator 2 fit very comfortable, now I just need to purchase the plates from you guys, can't wait to do business again!! (Posted on 8/18/2015)
Review from logan.. Review by logan..
It the perfect set up for the price,, and I like saving money. (Posted on 8/14/2015)
Review from Michael Review by Michael
You can't beat the quality for the price. Very durable and adjustable to fit most sizes. (Posted on 8/7/2015)
Review from Dustin Review by Dustin
Bought a few of these and so far they are getting the job done. A snap did break, but contacted AR500 and they had it replaced in a matter of days. (Posted on 8/4/2015)
Review from Thomas Review by Thomas
Great product would recommend to anyone only thing I had a problem with is they didn't send a ar500 patch with it. (Posted on 7/27/2015)
Review from Daniel Pierce Review by Daniel Pierce
Carrier looks and feels good. I Received my order on time and in good condition. Cant wait to get my armor and see how it feels then. I will be ordering more produces from yall soon. (Posted on 7/24/2015)
Review from mike Review by mike
Awsome quality (Posted on 7/18/2015)
Review from Mark Cunningham Review by Mark Cunningham
Awesome product from an awesome company. Carrier is a quality product, easy to adjust and wear. (Posted on 7/10/2015)
Review from JB Review by JB
Fits perfect for my size I am 5'11 210 and its fits amazing. I am overseas and weight matters a lot and this bad boy is lightweight. (Posted on 7/9/2015)
Review from Bobby S. Mitchell III Review by Bobby S. Mitchell III
Love it very much, fits good for a guy of my size. You guys are awesome thanks agin (Posted on 7/8/2015)
Review from Howard small Review by Howard small
Thank you very much for a great product. (Posted on 7/8/2015)
Review from Christopher Bobka Review by Christopher Bobka
Received in timely fashion. Love the vest's durability and will last for a lifetime. Love the multiple options for what ever you need to carry. Money well spent! A+ (Posted on 6/25/2015)
Review from Lt. Collins Review by Lt. Collins
Just got my plates today. 10x12 III + with build up. Plates fit very good. One small problem, the shoulder pads need to be better. With the plates and my mags on the carrier the shoulder straps were uncomfortable. They need better padding. But over all the carrier is great. I hate to put a negative comment on such a great product, but can be easily fixed. Keep up the great work AR500. I will be ordering more soon. Thank you all. (Posted on 6/19/2015)
Review from Ted Review by Ted
Overall I'm pleased with the carrier, but I do have a complaint:

It doesn't fit 6x8 side plates very well; there was only about a quarter inch of Velcro contact when the flaps are pulled over the inserts, compared to more like 2.5 inches of overlap for 6x6 plates. Also, one of the side plate pockets was accidentally sewn shut on a small patch, but was easily cut to open up.

(Posted on 6/13/2015)
Review from Albert Martin Review by Albert Martin
I like the carrier, but I do have an issue. The flaps on the side plate pockets are too short to secure the side plates I bought. Other wise I like the fit and the way it distributes the weight. (Posted on 6/5/2015)
Review from Heath Collins Review by Heath Collins
Awesome plate carrier! This carrier is just as good as the one I used while working. My carrier came five day's after I ordered it. AR500 is such a great company,I have told all my military buddies to order from them. Thanks again for the great work, and the awesome customer service. (Posted on 5/27/2015)
Review from jason Review by jason
Great carrier especially for the price . Holds the plates in place nice also which is a plus forsure. I'm very happy with ar500 quality products and great service. (Posted on 5/19/2015)
Review from Dean Review by Dean
Very good for the price, would be nice if instructions were included for proper adjustments. (Posted on 5/18/2015)
Review from C. Oglesby Review by C. Oglesby
This plate carrier gets the job done and is priced very well. There are better options out there, but not at this price. (Posted on 5/18/2015)
Review from Juan Garcia Review by Juan Garcia
I love it . Great work , fits well . Can't wait to put it to work !!! (Posted on 5/18/2015)
Review from Don Review by Don
Awesome product - very comfortable and high quality. Would buy again and would recommend this rig to anyone looking for a solid piece of gear.
Thanks to AR500 for offering great products!!! (Posted on 4/26/2015)
Review from jason. Review by jason.
The straps on the carrier were stitched incorrectly, but ar500 was quick to replace it. Out side of that, good carrier. (Posted on 4/17/2015)
Review from Cole B Review by Cole B
This is hands down the BEST chest rig/plate carrier I have ever had -- and I've worn nearly half a dozen in my years as a soldier.

Even with the plates, this rig is extremely comfortable. I could wear this thing all day long. The shoulder straps are very comfortable with good solid padding. The stitching is excellent.

Also, it's great that this has a drag/carrying handle. Obviously it makes it easier to lug around, but it's also ideal if you have to move a casualty.

I would absolutely recommend this plate carrier. (Posted on 4/16/2015)
Review from josh irvine Review by josh irvine
love it its very comfortable to wear looking forwar to getting pistol mag pouches and plates. very happy with the product and the service. (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Review from Sean McC. Review by Sean McC.
Good brand. Worth the price. Easy to use and wear. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. (Posted on 3/9/2015)
Review from brian.c Review by brian.c
Great fit. Quality stuff. Looking forward to adding the plates. Gets a thumbs up in my book. (Posted on 2/24/2015)
Review from Jeremiah Review by Jeremiah
The vest seems to be of decent quality, and I have heard very good things about this company's products. However, Shipping took almost a month, and I was under the impression that this would be one of their vests. It did come with a Condor tag on it which was a little disappointing as their is a local shop that has these in stock for a similar price and Condor has not always had the best reviews. So, not quite what I was expecting, and I really wish the Condor brand would have been listed in the description. I am still really happy to have the vest. I also have an order in for a full set of plates and am anxiously anticipating combining the two. (Posted on 2/19/2015)
Review from Sgtprovo Review by Sgtprovo
Exactly what I was searching for, I'm a big guy 5'8" 250 lbs
and it takes a super item to satisfy my confidence. This Operator II Plate Carrier fits the bill. As a homeguard prepper and survivalist I know that whatever the circumstance the protection I need and depend on with be there. (Posted on 2/12/2015)
Review from Justin Review by Justin
This plate carrier meets my needs. I'm a big guy with a 50 inch chest and this carrier has plenty of room for adjustments. Comfortable to wear for long periods. I'm very happy with the purchase. It took 8 week to get my gear, but well worth the wait. AR 500 even threw in a hat and a morale patch, to my surprise. They did everything they promised to do. (Posted on 2/8/2015)
Review from W. M. Review by W. M.
As a guy who is large framed/broad shouldered (5'11 and 235, not the best shape of my life for sure!) I can say this vest fits great and is very comfortable for extended wear. Definitely recommend for a fully functional vest if you don't have $100+ to drop on one. (Posted on 2/5/2015)
Review from Robert Groom Review by Robert Groom
I thought it might be a little tight, I am 6'2" 290lbs. but the 10x12 plates I got and the carrier fit like a glove, an armored glove and are comfortable for daily wear if need be. VERY HAPPY!! Thank You AR500......AATW (Posted on 2/2/2015)
Review from peter ulloa Review by peter ulloa
i just got it delivered took longer than expected but love it ill be ordering plates now (Posted on 1/28/2015)
Review from Greg Review by Greg
Good product for the money. The product description didn't say that this was a Condor made in China product. If I had known that I might have waited for the out-of-stock Banshee. Not fond of the Condor holster but the mag pouches seem like good product. (Posted on 1/19/2015)
Review from chad Review by chad
Product is excellent quality. There's only one thing i would like changed is that the slots to attach pouches are not uniform. On the sides they are only half the width you need run your attaching straps for pouches. I had to use part of the side plate carrier. (Posted on 1/12/2015)
Review from websuspect Review by websuspect
This piece came Labeled CONDOR! I am a big guy. I wanted to get this piece to see if it would fit. I put a 14X11 inch Plate in there and it fills the piece and fits me perfect at 6 foot 2. I do not look like the rock in this piece though. I need to lose weight. But this is a good carrier if your a big guy. I am cleared and i wanted to get this in case they Pass HR 5433 and they will. If you are a big guy this and some XL plates are the way to do and the 8x6 plates fit and and stick out the top about 2 inchs and the velcro is 4 inchs and fits at 2 over. The 6x6 side plates would fit perfect. and the curved plates or the flat plates would work great in the side for a big guy. This is really even better armor than the police buy and pay alot more for. (Posted on 1/8/2015)
Review from Nicholas davis Review by Nicholas davis
Love it! I'm 5'7" and 135lbs and I was able to get this carrier to fit my small frame the way its supposed to. and they can definitely accommodate people with much much larger builds. AR500 plate carrier review: http://youtu.be/WGzw2dpRgjc (Posted on 1/6/2015)
Review from Gregory Salo Review by Gregory Salo
It's a great upgrade from the carrier I owned before. It looks and works great. I will buy more soon. (Posted on 12/1/2014)
Review from Chris Jackson, CEO Squared Away Surplus Review by Chris Jackson, CEO Squared Away Surplus
It was an honor to have purchased these for resell and offer them to our great customers. We can assure our clients in the tactical field the quality, and affordability of such product! Thank you AR500 for being our supplier! (Posted on 11/24/2014)
Review from Tyler Powell Review by Tyler Powell
Great carrier for a great price I love mine it's exactly what I needed to perform my training (Posted on 11/14/2014)
Review from Alex Crutchfield Review by Alex Crutchfield
Great value on this product superb quality that won't break the bank (Posted on 11/3/2014)
Review from tyler powell Review by tyler powell
Excellent carrier light weight and fits perfectly great price for a great plate carrier keep up the work guys definitely have more of my business (Posted on 10/29/2014)
Review from Logan Review by Logan
So far so good, I really like how you can adjust the vest to fit your body. I haven't purchased any plates yet but the fit is comfortable and full of real estate (Posted on 10/23/2014)
Review from chris TOKARSKI Review by chris TOKARSKI
EXCELLENT VALUE !! Very well made and confortable

Thanks AR500 team (Posted on 10/22/2014)
Review from A. Blissit Review by A. Blissit
My Kit:
Condor MOPC
AR500 Curved 10x12 front plate, shooters cut
AR500 Flat 10x12 rear plate, rectangular cut
Nutnfancy FEAR NO EVIL name tape

The MOPC loaded with both plates is not totally unwieldy and puts on and is taken off fairly easily. The layout seems straight forward and needs no explanation. Right off the bat I noticed the build quality to be adequate- The 'Admin Pouch' seam tore when my wife pulled it open on one side which, honestly, is no big deal since I will probably never use it. I am not some high speed operator but a civilian preparing for what crap may hit the fan and a man using the weight of the rig to get in better shape, too. I have worn the plate carrier around the house doing chores, watching tv and even worked out with it on to see how comfortable it is. It's really quite easy to wear around and I was not sweating as much as I anticipated. I also took it to the range and tested the ergonomics of my shotgun rig with it and the plate carrier and the extra weight were never in the way. Also, I can still draw from my IWB holster with it on with ease and comfortably and quickly reholster like usual. I have no magazine retention yet but I think with a bit of sewing and slight adjustment I should be able to fit some on with no problem so I can have some ammo at the ready, hopefully 6 pmags and 2 pistol mags. I will probably also add some soft armor panels from AR500Armor for the sides to add some extra protection and an emergency medical kit.

Overall I think this is a fairly good product for the price point and I am satisfied with the level of quality for its intended purpose. I am not a professional but I think this plate carrier is good enough to be used by one that needs an entry level piece of kit. If it falls apart, you can just buy another for still less than you can buy an American made one but there's no way it will last like the USA produced gear.

Great service from AR500Armor.com. I will definitely continue to purchase and recommend their armor products.
Thank you AR500Armor! Keep up the good work so we can remain free to live and prosper as we please. (Posted on 10/21/2014)
Review from Terry Review by Terry
Just outfitted a small local police department with these and the 10x12 plates for wear over their uniforms. Nothing but praise from the officers! Word of mouth is already bringing in new customers so please keep up the good work! (Posted on 10/14/2014)
Review from Patrick Snyder, The Duke of Texas Review by Patrick Snyder, The Duke of Texas
When I tried it on it was a pure Goldilocks Moment. Not to tight.
Not to loose. Fit just right. Good value for the money. Side pocket
was a tight fit for the 6x8 side plate but it works. Haven't rolled
around in the mud and the blood and the beer with it yet, but will keep
you posted. (Posted on 9/30/2014)
Review from Warpig 3 Review by Warpig 3
I was able to wear this, with only one plate unfortunately, with a compliment of loaded mags all day on a range last week. The carrier was more than comfortable, and i would like to wear it again for an entire day once the remainder of my plates arrive. I have had a lot of experience with various plate carriers, this is probably the best i have found for the money.
(Posted on 9/23/2014)
Review from C.Clark Review by C.Clark
Great product. Fits well and is sturdy. (Posted on 9/9/2014)
Review from Mudhog92 Review by Mudhog92
Worn as a Tactical Medic for a year, doing about 110 call outs and high risk warrants. Served me well, stitching beginning to come loose on MOLLE at a few spots. Great for the price, upgraded to the Banshee. AR500 stood good on their verbal promise that if it began to fail within a year they would replace--AWESOME customer service. I upgraded to the Banshee and paid the difference. Can't beat that. (Posted on 9/1/2014)
Review from Aaron c Review by Aaron c
I wasn't sure at first, but the carrier has such good fit I couldn't say no and had to upgrade. Very nice products fellas! (Posted on 9/1/2014)
Review from Terry Review by Terry
Love this carrier! (Posted on 8/26/2014)
Review from Terry Review by Terry
Excellent value in the Multi Cam pattern. Extremely versatile carrier, and the ability to adjust this carrier to fit so many people means added value too! (Posted on 8/26/2014)
Review from Terry Review by Terry
One of the best carriers for the money. Versatile, adjustable, and comfortable! (Posted on 8/19/2014)
Review from jon Review by jon
thinking of buying but what size plates will it hold.I have 11/14,and 6/8 side plates. (Posted on 8/18/2014)
Review from John Review by John
Great plate carrier. I'm a little on the smaller side and it still fits me well. There is a little overlap of the side plate pockets and the main body of the carrier, but it should still work (I haven't been able to get my plates yet to test it). There is more than enough webbing to attach almost everything you would need for a mission. The extra thick shoulder pads are very comfortable with webbing on them as well and additional Velcro straps for hydration tube routing. The loose threads that stick out (and common with items of this type and there weren't many) are simple to take care of with a lighter.

I had a problem with the first carrier I ordered. One of the pieces of Velcro on the left side for the hydration tube wasn't attached properly. I called customer service and they immediately shipped out a new one with a pre-paid return postage label. Fantastic job.

The only thing I'm not a fan of is the Velcro closure for the front "Kangaroo" pocket. It's extremely noisy to open. If it had a zipper closure instead of Velcro, the noise problem would be eliminated. I realize that there are inserts for that pocket that will eliminate the need to open the Velcro, so I'll probably get one of those for that pocket.

The only problems I have is the lack of Velcro on the front of the carrier for closing the carrier, the need for more "loop" Velcro on the front, and the back of the cummerbund. Because I have to adjust it smaller, the corners on the overlap stick out. Also, having to adjust the shoulder straps so small, I have extra strapping sticking out the front of the shoulder pads. I just folded it back on itself and tucked it under the padding. If there was more "loop" part of the Velcro further down the front of the shoulder straps, this could be taken care of quite easily. Luckily, I have a friend who is a seamstress and will have her make the necessary adjustments to the carrier. Having to adjust the carrier so small, the elastic strapping at the back of the cummerbund is of no use to me. In fact, the elastic at the back is no use for me as well. I just took some 550 cord and laced it through the webbing on the two ends of the cummerbund and cinched it tight.

In spite of the mentioned issues (which are mostly due to my size, not the carrier itself) this is a fantastic plate carrier and extremely comfortable to wear. I've worn it for a number of hours every day since I've gotten it. (Posted on 8/10/2014)
Review from albert Review by albert
Operator 2 plate carrier is comfortable with the weight of the plates, distributes weight well. Also like the molle web for additional gear. Would recommened to anyone. (Posted on 7/27/2014)
Review from brett Review by brett
Im 6'1 and 195 and it adjusts to fit perfectly breaths well to all in all very pleased with the purchase. (Posted on 7/21/2014)
Review from Douglas Millard Review by Douglas Millard
Good price for the setup I need for my plates. (Posted on 7/20/2014)
Review from AMN Review by AMN
NOTE: The picture here is not the carrier you will receive; it is a picture of the OLD style carrier. The one you will receive is the NEWER version which addresses many issues the old one had, but still has some flaws to work out. It is still an excellent carrier nonetheless. Please read on to find out why.

This carrier is a great budget carrier for military operators, law enforcement officers, and civilians alike. It is highly modular and will accept a wide variety of plate sizes. The tan color is great, and the stitching is well done albeit at a few places (will expand on this later).

- Lightweight
- Modular
- Accepts a good range of plate sizes
- This newer version has extra features like PALS Webbing on the shoulder pads as well as Hook and Loop straps to route comm wires, hydration tubes, etc.

- The stitching on the front bib is STILL uneven just like its predecessor. You can only mount 3 AR/AK mag pouches on the front, so you cannot streamline it for 6 with the cummberbund (you end up having to use double stackers, but that shouldn't be a problem since "we don't live in a prone world").
- The modularity of this vest is not only a pro, but also a con (go figure). This vest needs more time for tailoring to a skinnier person than for one who has...uh...more girth. I'm not a twig by any means (yeah I do physical training 3-5 days a week), but it took me a while to adjust the cummerbund to fit properly and have most of the critical area of my torso covered with my plates (front, rear, and sides).
- The carrier does not ride as high as I thought it would, so 6x8 side plates are a better option than most people think, but this carrier has another qwirk which I will address
- If you go with this carrier, the cummerbund is streamlined with 6x6 plates. It will definitely fit 6x8 plates (there is another fold under the first flap), but this will cause an issue: the elastic that holds the two halves of the cummerbund together will not hold it up as well as with 6x6 plates (even then, I can see some overstretch with them). This was another issue that was found on the MOPC I, but I guess an MOPC III might be in the works to completely fix all these issues. Who knows?

Summary: This plate carrier is HIGHLY recommended, especially for anyone on a budget. The only competitor it has is the TAG Mayhem carrier, which features a Quick Release Tab, but I believe it's being discontinued and it is not as modular as the Condor MOPC II --- from what I can see, you can remove the shoulder pads of the MOPC II and it would pass for a covert plate carrier - even with side plates (as long as the PALS didn't press against the clothes, or vice versa).

So even with its present qwirks, I say go for it.

Also, AR500 Armor's shipping and delivery were more prompt than expected.

Get this carrier and some plates from AR500, and you are Good to Go! (Posted on 7/16/2014)
Review from Will Barton Review by Will Barton
Vest is great, use it for work and fits perfect after adjustment.
AWESOME!!!! (Posted on 6/30/2014)
Review from D-Lo Review by D-Lo
It's comfortable, versital, and more importantly it's easy to adjust. Great carrier, couldn't be happier. (Posted on 6/29/2014)
Review from GAThrawn Review by GAThrawn
Quality seemed good, had a lot of room for gear, Velcro was quality.
People told me to be wary of it, but it was nice while I had it.

I had to switch to the Sentry because this was too big for me.
I am 5' 11" and 180 lbs, but I have a skinnier waist and so it couldn't be tightened down enough.

For this carrier, if you're looking to carry a good amount of stuff, it's good to go.

Don't believe the hate. (Posted on 6/25/2014)
Review from Bruin Review by Bruin
Comfortable carrier. Fits my needs. (Posted on 6/16/2014)
Review from Adam Cisneros Review by Adam Cisneros
Great fit. Easy to adjust and I love the way it feels. Really wish I had this during a few of my deployments. (Posted on 5/30/2014)
Review from Damien Dunmore Review by Damien Dunmore
I will never ever give a bad review for such an excellent American company, that being said, Condor should give up making plate carriers! I should have just spent the extra money for the obviously superior and American made Banshee. If you can I would do the same. AR500, you rock, keep up the excellent service you are providing and I will keep on shopping and telling my friends about you all. (Posted on 5/15/2014)
Review from David Review by David
Great fit I'm 6'6" 250 lbs and it fits great I agree with the other review once you are loaded up get use to the weight because it does take getting use to. The mesh panels do help keep air flow up and the whole setup feels really solid. Overall I'm glad I went with it. (Posted on 5/5/2014)
Review from Darren Review by Darren
Great carrier and comfortable. Easy to adjust size. (Posted on 4/28/2014)
Review from RE Review by RE
Side pockets do not fit 6X8 plates, only 6X6. Size says up to XXL but really only goes up to XL. Ordered olive drab but received sandstone color instead. Very well made, just not quite as advertised. (Posted on 3/24/2014)
Review from Jared Review by Jared
Fits great, I was glad to see that it was so adjustable, because I'm 6'4" 170lbs. (Posted on 3/23/2014)
Review from Sean Review by Sean
After receiving my vest I was extremely excited to check it out, only finding that I couldn't find any of my pouches in the package. I was extremely disappointed, I sent AR500 a email and they took care of it right away and I had my pouches within a couple of days. They took care of their mistakes and made it right, no complaints here. A+ products and A++ Customer Service. (Posted on 2/6/2014)
Review from Dbob Review by Dbob
Im not a big guy, 5'9" 150, so i was worried this carrier wouldnt adjust down to fit right, but it fits perfectly. Well made, and does exactly what i need it to do. (Posted on 2/3/2014)
Review from Casper Review by Casper
Just another two cents: The 6x8 plates fit fine; there are flip up "hook and loop" tabs inside for the larger plates, but they're easy to miss if you don't know about them.

It's a good carrier, but it'll be a little loose if you don't have a marshmallow coating on the waist. I has to re-cinch the waist band with some 550 cord.

Also, there are no MOLLE tabs on the shoulders, unfortunately. (Posted on 2/1/2014)
Review from Justin Review by Justin
Nice for what it is, very well made only dislike is that elastic cumberbund
It should be like the USMC set up where it can be tightened and loosened via straps not elastic but that's condors issue notAR500 (Posted on 1/27/2014)
Review from Edward Grecsek. Review by Edward Grecsek.
Exactly what I anticipated. Plates fit perfectly carrier fits well. Great price too (Posted on 12/19/2013)
Review from Luke Review by Luke
Exactly what I was looking for. It is good for short people as well. I like the fact it can easily hold ceramic as well as steel plate interchangeably. (Posted on 12/16/2013)
Review from Edwin Hall Review by Edwin Hall
This is a great plate carrier. Fully adjustable and easy to slip on. Lots of MOLLE channels. (Posted on 12/14/2013)
Review from Prepper Review by Prepper
Side pockets have fold-out Velcro panel to allow 6X8 inch plates to fit just fine. And, if you want side plates, then this is the carrier to get. It's easily the best around for anywhere near the price—just like AR500 plates.

Melt any loose threads and use paracord to lace the two halves of the cummerbund together in back. Insert plates and adjust straps. Suddenly realize you aren't going to win the 100 yard dash. Spend money you saved on more ammo and a morale patch.
(Posted on 11/22/2013)
Review from devin Review by devin
description is not very good, this is a Condor MOPC plate carrier, and the 6x8 plates barely fit, other than that can't complain (Posted on 10/1/2013)
Review from jose Review by jose
I purchased this plate carrier with hard plates and received a great quality product just in time for my deployment over seas. I would've purchased the carbon nano tube panels as well, but found the same exact panels less expensive locally. I would have no reservations recommending your company to all my team members. I'll be back. (Posted on 9/30/2013)

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