In this short preview we take you along for one of our quality assurance and batch tests performed on our Level III+ Body Armor, in the AR500 Armor® Ballistic Test Range. We have our chronograph setup and brought out a 20” AR15 to maximize velocity of the 5.56 XM193 rounds in effort to truly push the limits of our body armor. Test distance: 10 feet.

What is III+ Body Armor? III+ is a manufactures term used to describe body armor that exceeds level III threats, and it’s not all created equal. In this case, our level III+ armor is constructed from a reformulated, improved, and proprietary ballistic steel core. The result is a significant increase in material hardness & ballistic performance over anything currently available in the steel body armor industry.

These improvements allow us to defeat higher velocity threats than standard level III body armor is capable of. Our level III+ core is a true and significant advancement in steel core body armor, achieving performance at never before seen levels. All without sacrificing weight and thickness compared to level III body armor!

It’s important to note that since Level III+ is a manufacture term, not all level III+ body armor is created equal, or perform on the same level. In some cases, typically with UHMWPE body armor, level III+ simply denotes that the armor will it will defeat 5.56 M855/SS109 rounds. Where in our case, our level III body armor has no issues even with a level III classification.

For more details on our industry leading level III+ body armor:

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