Spall & Fragmentation can be a concern on some armor platforms, it's even more relevant on steel body armor systems.

AR500 Armor® has addressed this concern with our anti-spall Build up Coat. We wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of our spall & fragmentation mitigation protective coating on AR500 Armor® Body Armor. To do so, we performed a simple "Box Test" which provides a visual representation of fragmentation patterns and spall - if any. In the following video we demonstrate what our coating is capable of on our level III Body Armor with our Build-Up Coat.

We place (3) 7.62x39 124gr rounds on target from an AK-47 at just 20 yards. The 7.62x39 has over 2 times the mass of a 5.56 and will result in significantly more fragmentation upon impact than smaller 5.56/.22 caliber rounds. Because of this we chose a larger .30 caliber round which really puts our body armor protective coating to the test against fragmentation.

On impact the round enters through a pin-hole size opening in our fragmentation and spall coating, and is stopped by our ballistic core. The coating rapidly expands on entry, and closes as the round passes through and impacts the ballistic core. Fragmentation of the round is fully contained when it strikes AR500 Armor® Body Armor with our Build-Up Coat.

The Body Armor tested is AR500 Armor® 11" x 14" Level III Build-Up in our patent pending Advanced Shooters Cut (ASC)