Our Slick Side variant has been refined and is now available in a more slim-line, low profile, and concealable variant!
AR500 Armor® Micro Slick Side: only $110
AR500 Armor® Micro Package w/ Armor & Pouches: starting at only $240
Micro Plate Carrier Slick Side features
Our Slick Side variant does away with QD Cobra buckles on the shoulders & sides; replacing the top shoulder buckles with ITW Nexus loop locks; side buckles are replaced with ITW Nexus standard 2" buckles. All webbing on the back side of the Micro is removed and replaced with a 4" Velcro ID Panel. Front side webbing includes 3 bottom rows with Velcro, compatible with all standard mag pouches and chest rigs, accompanied by a 4" Velcro ID panel up top.
Carrier featured is running our MINI EPIK, and HSGI Taco Pouches