How to wear Hard Body Armor

We wanted to address a frequently asked question with a tutorial video on the proper way and philosophy behind how AR500 Armor Body Armor is intended to be worn, and what it’s designed to protect. To some who are new to body armor, the misconception that body armor is designed to provide protection to your entire torso is not accurate. The intention of hard body armor is to find the middle ground between protecting your vitals and maintaining mobility and agility.

In order to accomplish this we design our size and cuts accordingly, to provide maximum protection, allowing mobility, and improving ergonomics with our patent pending Advanced Shooters Cut.

The definition of vitals can be open to interpretation. However, in this case, we’re referring to vitals as your respiratory Diaphragm, Lungs, Heart, and Large blood vessels surrounding your heart. A wound in these areas will nearly immediately incapacitate the operator. Body Armor is designed to protect this “vital” area, while allowing free movement.

Watch the YouTube video below for more details on proper body armor placement, and how it should be worn in your plate carrier to provide maximum protection.

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