AR500 Armor Emergency Personal Injury Kits (EPIKs)
You have Body Armor - But are you prepared for a Medical Emergency?
EPIKs are medical kits with the dedicated purpose of combating life threatening bleeding injuries. Specifically designed to stop bleeding fast from a gunshot, knife, or other severe bleeding wounds.
Each kit utilizes a combination of a Hemostatic Agent, Emergency Bandage(s), Gauze, Chest Seals, and a Tourniquet.
Tactical EPIKs - MOLLE pouch systems designed to attach to your plate carrier or rifle bag
Pack EPIKs - Stores in your Backpack, Trunk, Glove Box, Desk Drawer, or under the Kitchen Sink
Pocket EPIKs - Designed to fit in your pants Cargo Pocket, 6" x 8" Side Plate Armor pouch pocket,or trauma plate pocket
Starting as low as $29 - we have an Emergency Personal Injury Kit to accommodate a multitude of storage locations.
Featuring our dedicated Operator II Plate Carrier Side Plate Pouch EPIK! Designed to fit in a 6"x 8" Side Plate Pouch with armor installed!

AR500 Armor Emergency Personal Injury Kit (EPIK)