A big THANK YOU to theCHIVE for the photo-post on the Galactic Project Collaboration!


While we were given all the credit, we worked closely with Heckler & KochTeam Wendy, and Armalite. Originally thought about for cosplay, airsoft, and paintball, they approached us to make this ballistic, and we did. Before you is an actual ballistic rated carrier. The helmet is from Team Wendy with an Armalite night vision sight, there’s headsets for the ear protection and the communication device and a SOG Knives & Tools over on the left side.

Overall, we originally thought it was going to be a fun, internal project but when people got wind of it, they wanted to go ahead and see if we could actually make it into production. That is not in our current planning....but the later helmet you see in our post, from Wesley Devtac, suggests we are still toying with the idea...

A non-ballistic airsoft/cosplay version is available from Galac-Tac International ► https://galac-tac.com/shop/