AR500 Armor® Level IV Body Armor now available!

Rated for calibers up to 30.06 APM2 (Armor Piercing), we set forth to offer the most rugged, reliable, and affordable Level IV body armor in the industry.

With a profile of .75" thick, our level IV body armor features a thinner profile compared to what's currently being offered on the market at 7.5lb's per plate. Rated for a 30.06 APM2 (7.62mm x 63mm 165gr Armor Piercing, Black Tip) round, and all lesser Level III threats, AR500 Armor® Level IV Body Armor provides protection against a higher threat level than our traditional Level III body armor.

Available in 10" x 12" Curved Ergonomic Profile - MSRP $155

AR500 Armor® Level IV Carrier Package

AR500 Armor® Level IV Body Armor

AR500 Armor® Curved Profile

AR500 Armor® Level IV Pair Side View