Are you wondering how AR500 Armor Body Armor holds up against extreme situations? A frequently asked question is "How does AR500 Armor Body Armor hold up compared to ceramic body armor, or other comparable options?" We like to answer this question, and made a quick video demonstration to show you the capabilities of our body armor. We put our armor through a series of stress tests and live fire with some hard hitting rounds at an extremely close distance of just 20 feet. iThis is half the distance required to meet NIJ-STD-0101.06 standards.

AR500 Armor Body Armor will last a lifetime and is virtually maintenance free. You need not be concerned with special storage methods and maintenance routines, no need worry about light handling when moving your body armor. It's rugged - Throw it in the trunk and use it hard in training, we've designed our body armor to last.

In this stress test we run over our body armor with a 9,600lb forklift, perform multiple drop tests on each surface area from 15 feet, and follow up with (5) rounds of 5.56 62g M855/SS109 Penetrators, and (5) rounds of 7.62x51 (.308) M80 NATO Ball at just 20 feet.

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AR500 Armor Body Armor Stress Test