AR500 Armor® is proud to lead the way using the latest and greatest technology in soft body armor to produce a 1lb, flexible, IIIA rated 10" x 12" soft body armor panel and a 6" x 8" side plate that weighs in at just 6.8 ounces. Our popular Carbon Nanotube Body Armor line expands with the addition of our patent pending Advanced Shooters Cut and side plate armor.
Utilizing Carbon Nanotube layers AR500 Armor is able to significantly reduce weight, and improve flexibility in our soft armor compared to what's currently on the market. We took it one step further and also incorporated a Non-Newtonian back-face panel which decreases back-face deformation.
AR500 Armor Carbon Nanotube IIIA Body Armor
6" x 8" Side Plate - only $46.50
Intro prices for a limited time only.


Carbon Nanotube IIIA Soft Armor Full Lineup
IIIA Pistol Protection Done Right.


AR500 Armor Carbon Nanotube 10" x 12" ASC & 6" x 8" Side Plates!