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The Declaration of Independence, US Constitution are clear that we have the unalienable right to life, liberty, and property. The Second Amendment guarantees our rights by ensuring the Tools of Liberty, arms and armor, remain available to Free Men to protect country, hearth, and home.

As manufacturers of Tools of Liberty, we constantly strive to bring new, innovative products to help achieve this mission. So in addition to current product promotions this month, April will see the introduction of several new armor and accessory products. Check back often during the month to see the new product offerings, coming soon.

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Sitewide Discount

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U.S. Congress is trying to pass anti-gun legislation that would impede law-abiding citizens 2nd Amendment rights under the guise of preventing crime.

These bills do nothing of the sort.

H.R.8 and H.R.1446 passed the House of Representatives and are currently in U.S. Senate.

H.R.8 would make it illegal for citizens to trade, transfer, or sell your privately owned firearms without getting a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) involved in the transaction. In addition to infringing on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, this creates a federal registry for all private firearm purchases and transfers. And where there is a registry, there is a mechanism for forced confiscation.

Contact your U.S. Senator and tell them to vote "NO" on these bills.

*20% discount not valid with promotional or sale items.

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Introducing the newest products in the AR500 Armor® family!

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Carrier Packages

If you're in the market for an armor system, check out our current specials for this month. From our flagship Testudo 2.0 to our minimalist AR Freeman, our carrier and armor promotions offer a great product for a fantastic value.

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  1. AR Freeman™ Level 3 Curved Bundle Sale Save 24%
    AR Freeman™ Level 3 Curved Bundle
    Regular Price $182.00 As low as $139.00
  2. Testudo™ Gen 2 With Battle Belt Sale Save 32%
    Testudo™ Gen 2 With Battle Belt
    Regular Price $441.00 As low as $299.00
  3. AR Invictus™ - Curved Level 3 Plates Sale Save 36%
    AR Invictus™ - Curved Level 3 Plates
    Regular Price $392.00 As low as $249.00

Armor Packages

If you've got a carrier and are just looking to expand or upgrade your armor, check out the deals below.

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