Militia Helmet


The AR500 Armor® Militia Helmet™ brings steel helmets into the 21st Century, and offers protection right up to the rim.

Searching for a durable helmet capable of edge-to-edge protection? Check out the AR500 Armor Militia Helmet.

Advanced metallurgy updates an old classic

Military units and law enforcement agencies can afford to replace their aramid and polyethylene ballistic helmets as they reach the end of their 5-10 year “shelf life,” but the average consumer doesn’t have that kind of budget. The AR500 Armor Militia Helmet offers the Free Man long-lasting protection that won’t break the bank. 

Modern engineering and materials mean steel helmets can offer the same protection levels as composite helmets for similar weight and size. But unlike aramid and polyethylene helmets, steel offers protection right up to the rim. 

Why is this important? Because on the streets and in the field, not all shots are fair.

Armor is a balance of protection level, weight, and cost. The advanced metallurgy in our Militia ballistic helmet offers the best combination of these elements, with edge-to-edge protection weighing only 3.0 pounds (with large pads) and costing ⅓ the price of top-level composite helmets.

The Militia Helmet is the base for a modular system that allows the user to add an upcoming NVG mount, side rails, rifle-rated up-armor kit, and quick-adjust dial lock suspension system.

Protection Level:

  • European VPAM-3 compliant
  • ACH Gen II ballistic compliant
  • Excellent blunt force and impact performance
  • Protection all the way to the rim


  • Confidence: meets US and European military helmet ballistic levels
  • Peace-of-mind: edge-to-edge protection
  • Durable: modern metallurgy allows for long-lasting durability unaffected by the elements
More Information
Accessory Color Black, Coyote, Olive Drab
Accessory Category Helmet
Accessory Features Made in USA
Armor Level Level IIIA

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