Armored Republic Membership

Armored Republic Membership

Subscription Amount $99.00
Billing Period Yearly
Subscription Start Date Jun 5, 2020

Membership Plan Description

Membership Plan

Free citizens of the Armored Republic,

If you’re serious about owning the best value in body armor available to citizens on the market today, you owe it to yourself to consider our new membership program. 

As part of the program, you’ll get special members-only discounts, first opportunity to purchase new products, free shipping for ALL orders, and an extra 5% discount that can stack on any promotional offers. If an item you want isn’t on sale, then take 15% off its price.

All for only $99 annually.

As a member of the Armored Republic, you will receive:

  • 15% off all non-promotional items*

  • 5% discount that ‘stacks’ for sale and promo items*

  • Free shipping on every order

  • An Armored Republic t-shirt and patch

So, how much can you save? Here is a side-by-side comparison of a non-promotional purchase and the promotion-priced version of the same package:

Non-PromotionalPromotional Package
Testudo 2.0, Coyote $159 Included
Level III+, Curved, Buildup, 2 $320 Included
Trauma pads, 2 $70 Included
Subtotal, as configured $549.00 $339.00
Discount 82.35 (15%) 16.95 (5%)
Subtotal less disc. $466.65 $322.05
Free Shipping $23.54
(calc to Charlotte, NC)
- -
Total Savings
(discount + free shipping)
$105.89 $ 40.49
Membership Fee $  99.00 $ 99.00
Difference $    6.89 $(58.51)

As you can see, the savings in the non-promotional purchase example would pay for your membership, plus a little bit, and you’ll continue to save for the entire year. Savings for the promotional purchase example are more than 40% of the annual a single purchase.

All for only $99 annually.

Sign up and start saving today!

* Note: 5% stackable discount applies to standard promotions and sales that do not use a coupon code. In other words, if we’re offering a Testudo package for 52% off MSRP, the 5% discount will stack on top of that.  However, the 5% will not stack on a discount that uses a discount code, such as a site wide 20% off using coupon code “SITEWIDE20”

Armored Republic Annual Membership

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