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Celox Hemostatic Granules

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Celox 15g Hemostatic Granules

Pour, pack, and apply pressure. Celox Granules are amongst the most versatile in terms of uses and methods of application. Designed to cause quick coagulation to stop bleeding quickly and safely. When mixed with blood, Celox forms a gel-like clot in as little at 30 seconds, working independently of the bodies normal clotting processes to stop bleeding. Celox Granules create a clot that forms to the wound, allowing even pressure to be applied to the injury regardless of shape.

When used, Celox generates no heat and will not inflict burns to the patient, or applicator. Celox has been proven to work in hypothermic conditions and even when anti-coagulates such as warfarin are present.

Celox Granules are a safe and economic method to stop potentially lethal bleeding fast.

Available in 35g packets for major injuries or multiple bleeding wounds, and 15g packets when size and weight are critical. Celox 15g Granule packets still provide enough Celox to stop bleeding in life-threatening injuries.

Celox Granules are ideal for:

Moderate to severe bleeding wounds

  • Arterial and venous bleeding
  • Surface and deep wounds
  • Head, neck, and face wounds

Dimensions: 5.5" x 3.5"

Approximate Weight: 0.7oz.

Contents: 15g Hemostatic Granules


Name in Bundles No
UPC: 5060206630109
Manufacturer Celox
Rating filter No
Approximate Weight (LBS) 1.0000
Medical Supply Type Hemostatic Agent
Dimensions No
Medical Manufacturer Celox
Discontinued? No


Customer Reviews

Definitely a MUST HAVE Review by 11B Verified Purchase
This IS the same anti-coagulant used by the Military. We knew it as "Quik-Clot". If "IT" ever occurs, I hope someone has this if I get hit.
Great product AR500. (Posted on 7/8/2019)
Review from Ken Review by Ken
Seriously, I hope to never ever use this product. I purchased this for my hiking first aid kit. I'm trusting AR500 that this product will do what the description claims. The packaging is compact and sturdy. (Posted on 10/21/2015)

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