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HSP D3 Chest Rig

HSP D3 Chest Rig

Product Review (submitted on November 9, 2016):
The Rig shipped and arrived in a timely manner. It was a bit smaller than I expected it to be but that's not a bad thing; especially with a minimalist mentality in mind. I ordered a set of the Magazine inserts so I could remove the Hypalon tabs and I ordered the magazine expansion system to fit a total of 6 mags. Even with the extra mags, it fits nicely on my chest and does exactly what I need it to do.

The Stuffit pouch seems kind of out-of-place. Not sure what exactly you'd want to use it for; there's nothing I'd care to put in there; especially since the pocket isn't enclosed and I'm kind of paranoid about putting kit in a pocket like that. Sure you could tighten it down, but then when you need to put something back and retrieve it, it's just annoying. I currently have it cinched down all of the way and I'm not using it for anything.

The GP Pouches feel kind of thin, but I don't think they'll fail me at any time. One is holding a Compass and Headlamp and I'm pretty sure I could fit a small GPS like a Garmin eTrex or similar in there as well along with a couple of map markers. The other is holding a tourniquet and some combat gauze. If I truly cared to load it out, I could fit more, but I already have a pretty fat IFAK for that purpose. Otherwise, I'm probably going to load it with pogey bait or a small "altoids survival kit". (better to keep it on your belt/ in your pocket but "one is none and two is one.")

All-in-all the kit is exactly as the videos describe and it fits that one role very well. There's just a few things I'd like to see out of it (a MOLLE/PALS column on the sides to fit a Blue Force Tourniquet holder or similar, or simply as a tie-down point for kit). I wish the stuffit pouch was more of a vertical-enclosure pouch instead of being open to the world. The mag pouches are all great and work well with the HSP mag inserts, and the "Multi-mission pouches" hold my single stack 1911 mags very well even without the hypalon. I'm not worried about anything falling out during drills or on patrol. The Kryptek Highlander looks and works great in this South Texas brush.
For $179, it's a steal, even as a stand-alone rig.
5* because although it's not everything I want, it's everything I need.