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Targets by AR500 Armor® 1/2" Steel Target - 10" x 11" Calexit

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Since many distraught Californians have been pushing for a #Calexit in recent years, we thought we'd take a shot at imagining what that might look like. 

Of course we recognize that not everyone who lives in California dispises liberty and the second amendment. We're poking fun at political ideas, not any particular person or group of people.

Part of the beauty of our republic is that each state has the right to govern themselves differently. If faced with a choice between California's regulations spreading nationwide and letting them go their own way, there'd be a compelling argument to say "Yes California."

AR500 Armor®  1/2" Steel Target

AR500 Armor® is proud to offer our AR500 Armor® Steel Targets for sale. AR500 Armor® provides consumers access to the best Steel Targets made of quality ½” steel to ensure longevity. These steel targets were built from the ground up to be an affordable and dependable option for serious and casual shooters alike. 

All of the AR500 Armor® Steel Targets are manufactured in the USA and meet strict quality control guidelines, making AR500 Armor® your #1 choice when you’re looking for steel gong targets for sale. Whether you are looking for steel targets shaped like gongs, silhouettes, or something a little different, all of our steel targets are rated to handle even the heaviest of common firearm calibers.

These ½” AR500 Armor® Steel Plate Targets are rated for use with most common pistol calibers at a distance of no less than 7 meters and most common rifle calibers at a distance of no less than 50 meters. We strongly discourage the use of steel core ammunition. As always, be safe out there, always be situation aware, and understand that spall and frag are always a danger with uncoated ballistic steel targets. Respect your distances and your aim points.


Name in Bundles No
Manufacturer AR500 Armor
Weight (LBS) 10.5000
Target Size: 10" x 11" Calexit
Thickness: 0.5"
Discontinued? No


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