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AR500 Armor® Level III+ Armor with Trauma Pads Combo

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AR500 Armor® steel plates offer edge-to-edge ballistic protection

Our level III+ Body Armor features an improved ultra-hard ballistic steel core further enhancing performance. Two level III+ curved plates and Two Trauma Pads.

AR500 Armor® level III+ was designed to provide the best Multi-hit protection steel can provide. It’ll keep you in the fight without breaking the bank!

AR500 Armor® Trauma Pads are worn behind armor plates and are designed to reduce energy transfer to your body, minimizing felt energy through your armor allowing you to focus on winning the engagement.

Get affordable, level III+ protection today.

AR500 Armor® Patented 10” x 12” Level III+ Body Armor

Size & Cut: 10" x 12", 8 x 10, or 11 x 12

Approximate Weight: 5.5lbs, 7.8 lbs, or 8.5 lbs (± 10% due to hand spraying base coat)

Our armor ballistic core performance and balance of achieving multi-hit performance within its designated threat level; rounds exceeding the armors limitations and threat level or extreme multi-hit scenarios may cause the armor to crack upon impact. This result is normal and significantly reduces the rounds velocity, if not completely defeating, opposed to through and through penetration.


Manufacturer AR500 Armor
Rating filter No
Approximate Weight (LBS) 18.6000
Armor Level Level III+
Armor Threat Rating Level III+ multi-hit protection against 5.56x45 M193, 5.56x45 M855/SS109 at 3,100 FPS (+/- 30FPS), 7.62x51 M80 Ball (ie .308) at 3,000 FPS (+/- 30FPS), and DEA Certified
Armor Cut Orientation: Ambidextrous
Dimensions 10" x 12"
Armor Construction Material Ballistic steel core
Armor Shelf Life 20 Years
Approximate Thickness 0.26"
Discontinued? No


Customer Reviews

Nice Armor Review by AZ Joe
I am running the AR500 Armor Level III+ Armor (10" x 12" Curved with Build-up coating) with Trauma Pads in a Testudo carrier. I can't speak with how well the armor works and I hope I never have to but I can say they fit in my Testudo perfectly. I have a friend that is running the 11" x 14" in his Testudo and they fit like a glove. If you are going to run plates, get the trauma pads to go with it. I recommend the curved plates for comfort. (Posted on 5/24/2019)

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