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Armor Vent

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These lightweight, foam-filled panels attach to your armor carrier to add comfort, while also creating channels that help air circulate under your armor.

*Not compatible with the Testudo Carrier


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    Two common challenges when choosing and wearing body armor are deciding between weight and comfort. Weight can be addressed by investing in lighter plates, but a plate carrier or soft armor vest can be uncomfortable to some degree.

    Introducing the Armor Vent kit, by AR500 Armor®.

    These 10” x 12” foam-filled soft panels attach to the body side of the plate pockets, providing you with light padding and vertical air channels that help airflow upwards. 

    Installation is easy. Apply the hook tape to your clean and dry carrier, press the loop-side of the Armor Vent panel to the hook tape, and you’re ready to go.

    With the Armor Vent on your side, you’ll stay more comfortable, longer.

    *Not compatible with the Testudo Carrier

    Material: foam-filled panels eliminate the need to inflate the panels

    Dimensions: 11" x 9.25" x 0.87"

    Weight: two panels and hook tape weigh less than 4.5 ounces

    Thickness: each panel is 0.30” inches (approx)

    Features: can be used for hard armor or soft armor carriers

    *Not compatible with the Testudo Carrier

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