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Finally a hanger strong enough to hold your fully-loaded Plate Carrier & Body Armor: The AR500 Hanger. Part novelty but mostly function. Constructed from our tried and true Ballistic Core utilized in our Level III Hard Body Armor line, and coated with our industry-leading Spall & Fragmentation Mitigation Coating

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    This slim-profile hanger fits standard hanger rods. Designed with specific curvatures creating a natural hanging position for your carrier's shoulder straps while allowing the carrier to be quickly removed. The Compact and Snag-Free design allows the portability of your carrier by the hanger. Compatible with all AR500 Plate Carriers and most other models. 


    • Compatible with nearly all Plate Carrier Systems
    • Designed for optimal shoulder strap positioning
    • Compact and Snag-Free design
    • Quick removal of the Plate Carrier from the Hanger
    • Constructed from AR500 Level III Ballistic Core & Protective Coating
    • Rugged, Reliable, and Stress Fracture Resistant
    • Maintenance Free
    • Lightweight at 14 ounces
    • 100% Made in the USA

    Dimensions: 14" x 3.75"

    Weight: 14 ounces

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