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AR500 Armor® XL Plate Carrier Package with Level III 11” x 14” Body Armor and Pouches - (Carrier made of NON-Ballistic materials)

The AR500 Armor® XL Plate Carrier is our largest plate carrier, designed for operators who are searching for an Extra Large complete body armor solution. The XL Plate Carrier is able to accommodate our Extra Large 11" x 14" Level III Advanced Shooters Cut plates, in addition to SPEAR and BALCS soft armor IIIA panels. The AR500 Armor® XL Plate Carrier offers the operator increased coverage by utilizing our larger 11" X 14" body armor, while providing more real-estate by way of MOLLE for additional gear and pouches.

The plate pocket is built-in, internally, and includes an adjustable retention strap allowing the operator to position the plate within the pocket. The SPEAR/BALCS sleeve includes a removable padded insert which can be used in place of IIIA panels for additional comfort with hard armor installed. The XL Plate Carrier also accepts our 10” x 12” ASC body armor plates.

The shoulder straps are fully adjustable for ride height and include removable padded shoulder straps with built-in hydration tube guides. The cummerbund is removable, fully adjustable for girth and features side plate pouches for soft armor inserts in 6” x 6” or 6” x 8” (It will not accept hard armor side panels without additional side plate pouches). The XL Plate Carrier is lined with padded mesh designed to improve air flow and comfort and features quick pull tabs on the front cummerbund flap.

Includes (2) Extra Large AR500 Armor® Level III patent pending Advanced Shooters Cut 11” x 14” body armor plates, MOLLE Chest Mounted Pistol Holster (Right Hand Only, Universal wrap design fits Full Size to Sub Compacts), MOLLE Double M4/AR15 magazine pouch (4 mag capacity), and MOLLE Double universal pistol magazine pouch (2 mag capacity). 

XL Plate Carrier Specs:

Weight: 3lb (unloaded)

Size: Fully adjustable shoulder straps and girth, L – XXL (up to a 58” Chest)

Colors: Black, Coyote, and Olive Drab

AR500 Armor® XL Plate Carrier Features:

  • Includes (2) Extra Large AR500 Armor® Level III 11” x 14” ASC Body Armor Plates
  • Includes MOLLE Pistol Holster, M4/AR15 Magazine Pouch, Pistol Mag Pouch
  • Includes XL Plate Carrier, Cummerbund, and Comfort Pad Insert
  • Fully Adjustable from Large to XXL (up to a 58” chest)
  • Secondary sleeve accepts SPEAR or BALCS soft armor IIIA inserts
  • Internal Plate Retention Straps allow adjustable and proper position of armor plates
  • Soft Armor side plate compatible (6” x 6” or 6” x 8”)
  • Quick release shoulder buckles for easy donning and doffing
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps
  • Comfortable padded mesh inner lining
  • Quick pull tabs on cummerbund panel for easy access to cummerbund
  • Removable Shoulder Pads with Hydration Tube Guide
  • MOLLE based pouches allow for easy removal and reconfiguration
  • Emergency Drag Handle
  • Front and Rear Velcro panels for ID’s and Patches
  • 1000D Nylon Construction

How to wear your Body Armor

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The XL Plate Carrier is made by Condor Outdoor Products which manufactures products in both China and the United States. This particular product is from their facilities in China which we have fully vetted as to product quality, manufacturing processes, materials used, and their quality control and we stand 100% behind this product which allows us to keep products affordable while offering our customers the best solutions for their hard-earned dollars.



Weight N/A
LeadTime 2 Weeks
Armor Level Level III
Largest Supported Plate Size 11" x 14"
Armor Construction Material Ballistic steel core
Armor Threat Rating Level III multi-hit protection against 7.62 mm FMJ, steel jacketed bullets (U.S. Military designation M80) with a specified mass of 9.6 g (147gr) and a velocity of 2780 ft/s (+/- 30 ft/s).
Armor Shelf Life 20 Years
Thickness 0.26"
Carrier Manufacturer Condor (China)
Plate Carrier Type XL
Plate Carrier Color Coyote
Carrier Construction Material 1000D Nylon
Cummerbund Cummerbund w/o side plate pockets


Customer Reviews

Great!!! Review by Chef
I ordered the package over the 4th of July I believe. Great price and great product (Posted on 9/10/2017)
Hefty in All the Right Ways Review by Samuel
Solid construction, quality armor, full suite of included accessories — the only thing I added was a matching Condor 12-gauge shell holder. Built to last! (Posted on 6/11/2017)
Review from Mark Morley Review by Mark Morley
Very well built and accurate description. Received it in 3 weeks just as I was told. Couldn't ask for better product or service. (Posted on 8/13/2016)
Review from Jim C. Review by Jim C.
Ordered this set in April and received it in mid-June. I ordered this as a replacement to my IOTV with ceramic plates set that I was issued. The IOTV has some advantages over this one but still falls short in many areas. First off, I am a larger guy, 6 foot 285 lbs. With my IOTV kit with the thick ceramic plates your range is limited and the vest itself feels cumbersome and difficult to move around in. This vest with the thinner plates is great, it fits well on me, I feel I have better coverage with these plates over the ceramic ones and I do not have to worry about dropping a plate or damaging one and having the plate go to waste. Taking the vest on and off (even with the side plates one) is quick and easy easily half the time it takes to put on an IOTV vest properly. The couple things I think I would like to have on this vest (and I know AR500 does not produce the vest) is an option to add some soft armor like around the collar area or a way to add shoulder/arm armor or for the groin (like the IOTV does). Other that than that this is a great system. 5 stars without question! (Posted on 7/21/2015)
Review from Tim D Review by Tim D
Excellent quality, perfect fit and function. Took a little longer than expected to receive but it was worth the wait. (Posted on 5/5/2015)
Review from P.A.M. Recovery Review by P.A.M. Recovery
The quality of their product shows in the backlog they a struggling to fill. (Everybody wants AR500) I am 6'7" 250lbs. and the 11X14 plates fit the bill for the coverage I need. The 10 weeks lead time came and went and I was told it was going to be another 6 to 8 weeks for the carriers to come in. Needless to say I was not happy. But Krystal and Cecelia provided me with great customer service and presented an option so my order could be filled immediately. I ended up switching carriers to the Operator II which has the capability to handle the large plates I need for coverage. Problem solved, great customer service, great product, happy customer! I will be back for any other equipment needs as they are consistently expanding their line of quality products. Thank you one and all at AR500 Armor. HOOAH (Posted on 4/23/2015)
Review from John Witherspoon Review by John Witherspoon
The unit fits well, I still have a little adjusting to do, it rides high and tight. Quality construction, I am large and hard to fit in the XL fits well and with some adjustment would expand out to fit over a jacket as well.
The pistol holster is not my favorite but probably because I have not figured out the best positioning and fit for it. I am sure that will get better as I make adjustments.
My personal preference is for pouches with elastic cords over mags to secure and not full covers (don't particularly like the extra motion and ripping sound of the Velcro in mag pouches) but the pouches are well constructed and have a good fit.
All in all a great product. My only complaint would be the amount of time it takes to receive it but I guess that is just a testament to the popularity of the product. They did give it to me on time or even a few days before time promised for my scheduled delivery from the website.
Good job AR 500. (Posted on 4/15/2015)
Review from Michael H Review by Michael H
Best Armor Plate Carrier period!!!! (Posted on 12/25/2014)
Review from Tony P Review by Tony P
Your not going to find better. (Posted on 12/15/2014)
Review from Tac Review by Tac
Great set of armor. Service was amazing and very informative. There was a slight wait, but very well worth it! Anyone that is in the Military or LE, this is the best buy on the market hands down. (Posted on 11/15/2014)
Review from Richard Giannone Review by Richard Giannone
Best armor i ever owned. I now have three vests. Great service helpful staff. (Posted on 9/9/2014)
Review from Stomper13110 Review by Stomper13110
Delivered within a week. Great Quality for the price. Company was quick to follow up on questions. Plenty of videos to follow up on testing. (Posted on 9/3/2014)
Review from Jeff S Review by Jeff S
This is a really good package. It's very adjustable, fits well and does what it's designed to do. (Posted on 8/24/2014)
Review from Michael Calles Review by Michael Calles
Great package!! Of course its heavy, its steel plate armor! Im 6'0" 280, not a small guy, and it fits perfect. Adjustable if need be. I ran this throughout a day of training, and while it feels heavy at first, it gets lighter after an hour or so, and stays comfortable. (Posted on 6/13/2014)
Review from Angela Review by Angela
This package is well thought out . Reminds me of my time in the army . Good quality, Great value , and Low maintenance ! If you want something to help defend your life , this makes a great addition . Shape up though she's heavy. I also picked up the side plates and HSGI tacos to go with ( I sport a 308 ). Will be back for more guaranteed . (Posted on 6/9/2014)
Review from GTSOSniper Review by GTSOSniper
This setup is my current high risk active shooter response kit, truly throw and go. Highly recommended, excellent customer service! (Posted on 6/2/2014)
Review from Majestic Beard Review by Majestic Beard
Outstanding Product. Great Price & Great Customer Service. AMERICAN MADE! Easy transaction with this company. Already showed it off to my Law Enforcement Friends And Fellow Veterans. All are in the process of looking into buying! Love the feel and maneuverability. Will be buying more! (Posted on 5/15/2014)
Review from Josh S Review by Josh S
Great product. Even better price point. Excellent value! (Posted on 5/1/2014)
Review from stinkypoopoo Review by stinkypoopoo
Great gear, well built, and best customer service I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Would recommend this setup to everyone. Great price also. (Posted on 4/13/2014)
Review from Dusty Review by Dusty
It is heavy but still easy to put on and take off. The quality of everything is great. The magazine pouches do fit ak74 if anyone was wondering. (Posted on 4/2/2014)
Review from Sung Review by Sung
Great product. Note that you need to be in shape to wear this product because it is heavy. Not complaining because I did my research before buying. I would recommend this product to someone looking for quality body armor. (Posted on 3/31/2014)
Review from Stan Garner Review by Stan Garner
Great product and EXCELLENT customer service !!!! (Posted on 3/25/2014)
Review from Ron Review by Ron
Comfortable and well made. (Posted on 3/24/2014)
Review from Marco rivers Review by Marco rivers
I'm 5'9" and the panels are where they are suppose to be. Well made vest feel safe. By the way in your installment video you forgot to mention to remove inner lining to access the plate holders other than that affordable and built right. Very happy (Posted on 2/16/2014)
Review from Paul K Review by Paul K
Excellent product, and even better Customer care. I didn't read too much into the description when I ordered it, so I was absolutely thrilled to see that the pouches were included for the price this is listed for. Well built and the customer service cannot be beat. (Posted on 2/3/2014)
Review from ROB DOG Review by ROB DOG
Fantastic Gear! Built well AMERICAN PRIDE! AirForce!! (Posted on 1/24/2014)
Review from Dave Review by Dave
I received my plate carrier about a week ago, best investment money can buy ,going to buy another one soon , Thanks AR500 !!! (Posted on 1/10/2014)
Review from Vince C. Review by Vince C.
U.S. contractor frequently working in the middle east. This is an amazing product!! Couldn't be happier. (Posted on 12/24/2013)
Review from Michael Sever Review by Michael Sever
Extremely well built! I have looked all over the internet and this is the best! Great service as well! Great service and a GREAT product!
Mike S. (Posted on 12/3/2013)
Review from Forrest Patterson Review by Forrest Patterson
Very happy with the quality. Better than what I had in the Army. Still waiting for the pistol holder though. (Posted on 12/2/2013)
Review from JB Review by JB
I'm a large frame man over 6 feet, broad shoulders, 36 in across the back. Still covers Vidal organs. (Posted on 10/28/2013)
Review from Rick Review by Rick
For the price, this is a great buy. It's well made, and you don't have to buy the pistol or mag pouches. (Posted on 10/3/2013)
Review from Mike F. Review by Mike F.
Outstanding product! I have worn numerous different sets of armor in my time. I like this one the best. Excellent features, quality, and price. I wear this armor on the job. (Posted on 10/2/2013)
Review from j. bonner Review by j. bonner
Great product, the wife is happy about the increase in protection while on the job. thx. (Posted on 9/30/2013)
Review from steve r Review by steve r
former Marine Scout/Sniper....retired police/swat........this product is outstanding.!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 9/30/2013)
Review from kevin Review by kevin
great product. carrier built really well, distributes the weight of the plates well, (Posted on 9/30/2013)

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