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Double Pistol Magazine Pouch

Double Pistol Magazine Pouch

Product Review (submitted on June 22, 2015):
These pouches are very well built, and perfect for the plate carrier, chest rigs, and other platforms.

My only issue with them, is that with my arthritis, I utilize Blackhawk Speed clips to secure items to the PALS looping on Molle gear, and cut off the straps on the pouches, as they are too bulky (though a very secure mount for the field) for my fingers.

As I have several of these style pouches for my Sig .45 mags, I only cut off the straps on two of them.

The only tactical complaint I have, is that the Velcro on the pouch flap is noisy (open one on a still night, and you will alert everyone within a 100 yard radius of your location), and with continued use in the field, it will collect organic and other debris, and fail to close securely.

i have altered some of my mag pouches with snaps, both brass and plastic.

Other than these complaints, I have nothing but praise for these durable pistol magazine pouches.

And I use them for both tactical competition, and on duty as an officer in my State Defense Forces.