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AR500 Armor® Level III+ ASC Body Armor 11" x 14"-Patended Gen 2

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AR500 Armor® Patented 11" x 14" ASC Level III+ Body Armor, Generation II

Size & Cut: 11" x 14" Advanced Shooters Cut (ASC), can be worn in conjunction with soft body armor plates

Weight: 10.5lbs (± 10% due to hand spraying PAXCON base coat)


Our armor ballistic core performance and balance of achieving multi-hit performance within its designated threat level; rounds exceeding the armors limitations and threat level or extreme multi-hit scenarios may cause the armor to crack upon impact. This result is normal and significantly reduces the rounds velocity, if not completely defeating, opposed to through and through penetration.


Manufacturer AR500 Armor
Armor Level Level III+
Armor Threat Rating Level III+ multi-hit protection against 5.56x45 M193, 5.56x45 M855/SS109 at 3,100 FPS (+/- 30FPS), 7.62x51 M80 Ball (ie .308) at 3,000 FPS (+/- 30FPS), and 7.62x51 AP (Black Tip) at 2,800 FPS (+/- 30FPS)
Dimensions 11" x 14"
Armor Construction Material Ballistic steel core
Armor Shelf Life 20 Years
Thickness 0.26"
Discontinued? No


Customer Reviews

Awesome value Review by Wilson
Have purchased a few of these and am about to buy two more. You can't go wrong with this plate. (Posted on 1/6/2018)
Great Product Review by Brad
Cant go wrong with these (Posted on 6/30/2017)
Great product! Review by gearhead0621
These plates are heavy but you can tell the build quality is top notch. Hoping to never have to use them, but nice to know they are there. Have this with the XL plate carrier and everything works great together. (Posted on 3/17/2017)
Review from JDMHero47 Review by JDMHero47
Ordered a front/back set, both with extra coating. Got them because 'local' range is a bit remote w/o a RO, & SO was worried. Sitting in the XL carrier, the plates were a tight fit, but comfortable to wear.
I don't have any gear hanging off of the carrier, but it's not something you will forget you're wearing. Reminds me of the old-school dentist's protection during X-rays.
For the level of protection you get, the weight is relatively insignificant, but I'm only a bench/table shooter. Definitely not for 3-gun, unless you're conditioned for the bulk & weight.
Compared to ceramic plate armor, these are better hands-down, since they are multi-hit capable for the rated calibers. (Posted on 12/11/2015)
Review from Zak Review by Zak
Well built, and lighter than expected, but you definitely know they're there. I still have almost my full range of motion while wearing both front and back plates. Incidentally, I had ordered one plate, and they shipped me two. When I emailed them about it, they told me to call in to settle it. About 4mins on the phone, and i had purchased the second plate. Speedy responses and service, both on the phone and online. All in all, great product, great service, great prices, and great company. (Posted on 9/30/2015)
Review from TheBunkerAK.com Review by TheBunkerAK.com
Heavy but they do inspire confidence. Watch the videos or test them for yourself - these are impressive stopping power with large coverage area for when the chips are down. These are not for high-speed, low-drag movement, but they'll take multiple hits and keep on going, allowing you to keep on going when other armor may not. (Posted on 8/26/2015)
Review from Todd Review by Todd
They look well made. I ordered the 11x14 with coating. The weight is something you will have to be prepared for as these steel plates are heavy to wear. You do feel like the will stop a bullet though. (Posted on 8/8/2015)
Review from Abe Rodriguez Review by Abe Rodriguez
I ordered front and rear plates with the front one having xtra coating. They are awesome looking besides the fact being level 111+ Ares amory, Sootch00 and our gov. provided the incentive to get these plates. If you listen to the news you will understand its better to have these and not need them, than to not have the plates and need them. Besides AR500 Amor has great lectures on the use and wear of these awesome plate plus money wise and quality received this deal cannot be beaten. Every week we should find a way to wear these plates and condition our bodies to deal with this amor. Great product, even if your budget is close to zero, figure and get at least 1 plate at a time. Consider it a form of family insurance. (Posted on 4/28/2015)

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