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AR500 Armor® Economy Sling

2-point adjustable sling for most rifles. Hypalon pull slider for quick adjustments to sling length. Attaches via rope loops on each end.

Stay in The Fight. A Proud member of the Armored Republic.

Designed by AR500 Armor® in Phoenix, Arizona, Manufactured to our strict quality standards in Vietnam.

Multi-Cam model is constructed using all genuine Multi-Cam USA sourced material.

AR500 Armor® Economy Sling Specs:

Materials: Rope attachment loops, 1" webbing, 1.5" webbing, Hypalon, Injection molded hardware

Dimensions: 31" to 50"

Approximate Weight: 0.2lbs

Colors: Black, Coyote, Olive Drab and Multi-Cam



Manufacturer AR500 Armor
Rating filter No
Approximate Weight (LBS) 0.2000
Discontinued? No


Customer Reviews

Not bad for the money Review by ClassicShooter Verified Purchase
Over all I am very pleased with this sling thus far. Its relatively inexpensive, but works well. I will say I did wish it was a tad bit short after putting it on a MK18 build, but that's minor. At the end of the day I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a basic sling with an easy adjustment feature. (Posted on 1/23/2020)
I have a feeling if this sling came with directions it'd have only 5 star reviews and would be ubiquitous.

This is a quick adjust sling with the same quality and functionality of those that cost 5 times as much, but in a spartan minimalist design. There is a tri-glide with a small tab sewn on that allows you to make the sling longer or shorter. This end goes towards the muzzle of your weapon and is manipulated with your support hand while slung. This will also ensure that the 1.5" section of webbing is positioned to support the weight of the gun on your shoulder. It's perfectly comfortable unless you're hauling a LMG with it.

To attach, you have the two loops of thick cord threaded through rubber tubing. No $50 in swivels and mounts needed, just tie off each end and position the rubber tube to keep the knots from coming loose. This is simple, secure, cheap, lightweight, and quiet. I like using cow hitches around each end but any boy scout should be able to fasten this securely to just about anything. (Posted on 12/19/2019)
Pleasingly surprised Review by Dutch Verified Purchase
OK, I was surprised. I read the description and thought that for eleven bucks, it was worth a try. Maybe these slings might not be the best pick for heavy combat, but most of us are not going that way. Put an HK hook on each end and got at practice. A good product. It might not be as wide as others, but it fits the need for each firearm to have its own sling. AR500 has provided a better than entry piece of equipment. (Posted on 8/31/2019)
Economy Sling Review by Justin Verified Purchase
The sling is well made, with good stitching on the webbing. The buckles are injected molded. The pull tab easily/quickly adjusts the length of sling for different shooting positions, then effectively maintains that length. The $11 is a good price point for this economy sling.

With that said the webbing is strong enough but very thin. So when transition to different shooting positions the webbing edge feels like a razor blade against the side of your neck.

I do still recommend it. Has most of the features that high end slings have minus the padding against your neck.
We greatly appreciate the solid review, the Economy sling is designed to be an inexpensive yet well build sling, we hope you enjoy it.
(Posted on 7/17/2019)
Like the idea. INEXPENSIVE, EASY, FAST, It Works. Review by Billie
Response to HUGGY question it appears to be approx. a 4" loop of 550 Paracord. That said if that becomes a problem, simply put a loop where secure it with a granny knot or if your feeling salty; tie a bowline and the loop WILL untie easily; if you need it to PREVENT the PINCHING or ABRASIVENESS from occurring on your person and clothing, other gear, et-al...? (Posted on 6/15/2019)
More of a question than a review. Review by Huggy
This sling seems to be a good option for an inexpensive carry sling for any rifle in need of such but my question deals mostly with the aft portion.
With the Paracord material as-is, there is little to no padding in the region where the sling would reside when suspended on the shoulder as the user hikes or standing guard for two examples. This seems like it would become EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE in short order with the cord/buckle/etc., residing on thinly padded skin. Granted it is presumed that the user "might" have other materials or garments already in place (like the straps of a plate carrier, magazine carrier, assault pack or basic uniform or other garments) but without some intervening material I can forsee LOTS of discomfort and, perhaps, some chafed or pinched skin. NOT good when that compromised body part(s) are attached to your shooting shoulder, I might add.
Therefore, I'm curious as to anybody's suggestion(s) on how to prevent that from happening. Also, how difficult would it be to shorten one or both ends of paracord parts to reduce the overall length should all that much material not be needed or desired? Admittedly it would be advantageous to have the longer length to account for plate carriers being worn or heavier outer clothing in cooler climates, but generally speaking the extra lengths could become an issue for some. (Me?)
TIA for any suggestions but I'm already leaning towards buying one of these due to the excellent pricing.
Thanks, AR500, for providing quality gear at very fair prices.
That's why I continue to return when I need additional gear.
Have a GREAT Day! (Posted on 4/10/2019)

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