AR500 Armor® Taser® Strikelight
  • AR500 Armor® Taser® Strikelight
  • AR500 Armor® Taser® Strikelight Back
  • AR500 Armor® Taser® Strikelight Side
  • AR500 Armor® Taser® Strikelight Bottom
  • AR500 Armor® Taser® Strikelight Electrical Arc

Taser® StrikeLight

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Taser® Strikelight

AR500 Armor® is dedicated to providing you high value, effective and reliable body armor and now personal protection solutions!

The Taser® Strikelight is a utility tool loaded with defensive capabilities that are convenient and easy to use if necessary. Light weight and operable with a single hand, the StrikeLight features Taser® Touch-Stun technology. When the flashlight is turned on with a simple press of the button you can engage the stun technology which creates a powerful electrical arc on the front bezel of the flashlight. With a run time of 5 hours in flashlight mode and capable of 100 5-second stun cycles the included charger and rechargeable 18650 battery the Strikelight is the ideal package. The Strikelight is also equipped with forward and aft strike bezels, the flashlight can be used on pressure points to deter aggressors. Lightweight and innovative the Strikelight can easily be stored in your glovebox, backpack, or trunk.


Dimensions: 8.2" L, 1.4" H

Weight: 9.5oz

5 Hour flashlight run time

100 5-second stun cycles per charge

Taser® Strikelight Package Includes:

  • Taser® Strikelight
  • Wall Charger
  • Carry Strap/Lanyard
  • Rechargeable LiPo Battery
  • Instruction Manual

In most states Taser products are legal to carry and/or conceal without a permit. Please check your local and state laws prior to purchasing. Must be at least 18 years of age to purchase. Restricted for residents of Michigan and international sales. All AR500 Armor® terms of use apply, click here to view.