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AR500 Armor® Sentry Plate Carrier Package with Level III Body Armor and Pouches (Coyote) - (Carrier made of NON-Ballistic materials)

Ideal for Home Defense, Emergency Situations, Training/Carbine Courses, and Active Shooter/Rifle Threat situations. The AR500 Armor® Sentry Plate Carrier package is an all-inclusive rifle threat protection Body Armor solution. As it ships, the Sentry plate carrier package includes our Level III rifle rated Body Armor, MOLLE Chest Mounted Pistol Holster (Universal), Double M4/AR15 magazine pouch, and a Double Pistol mag pouch.

600D nylon construction nets a lightweight & slim, yet rugged backbone to your body armor system. Mesh internal lining improves airflow and adds comfort with minimal bulk. The Sentry Plate Carrier Package bypasses frills and includes all of the necessary basics such as adjustable padded shoulders, drag handle, hydration tube/radio guides, and quick release side buckles. All with minimal excess material resulting in less wasted space, bulk, and ultimately reducing unnecessary weight, heat signature, and improving comfort.

The Sentry Plate Carrier features ergonomic wide adjustable side straps with quick release buckles. The cummerbund-less design reduces bulk on the side of your carrier and helps improve airflow, at the cost of being incompatible with side plate body armor. Easier to don and doff, the quick release buckles are maneuvered with easy allowing you to gear up quickly in an emergency.

The AR500 Armor® Sentry Plate Carrier Package features everything you need with no frills offered at an affordable price point. Loaded with (2) AR500 Armor® Level III patent pending Advanced Shooters Cut 10” x 12” body armor plates, MOLLE Chest Mounted Pistol Holster (Right Hand Only, Universal wrap design fits Full Size to Sub Compacts), MOLLE Double M4/AR15 magazine pouch (4 mag capacity), and MOLLE Double universal pistol magazine pouch (2 mag capacity). 

Sentry Plate Carrier Specs:

Weight: 2lb (unloaded)

Size: Fully adjustable shoulder straps and girth, Medium – XXL (up to a 52” Chest)

Color: Coyote

AR500 Armor® Sentry Plate Carrier Features:

  • Includes (2) AR500 Armor® Level III 10” x 12” ASC Body Armor Plates
  • Includes MOLLE Pistol Holster, M4/AR15 Magazine Pouch, Pistol Mag Pouch
  • Includes Sentry Plate Carrier
  • Fully Adjustable from Medium to XXL (up to a 52” chest)
  • 600D Lightweight and Rugged Construction
  • Internal Mesh lining for improved air-flow and comfort
  • No Excess material and minimal reducing heat signature and improving comfort
  • Fully adjustable padded shoulder straps with hydration tube/radio guides
  • Cummerbund-les design improves air flow and reduces bulk
  • Ergonomic wide adjustable side straps with quick release buckles
  • MOLLE based pouches allow for easy removal and reconfiguration
  • Emergency Drag Handle
  • Front and Rear Velcro panels for ID’s and Patches

How to wear your Body Armor

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The Sentry Plate Carrier is made by Condor Outdoor Products which manufactures products in both China and the United States. This particular product is from their facilities in China which we have fully vetted as to product quality, manufacturing processes, materials used, and their quality control and we stand 100% behind this product which allows us to keep products affordable while offering our customers the best solutions for their hard-earned dollars.



Weight N/A
LeadTime 2 Weeks
Armor Level Level III
Armor Construction Material Ballistic steel core
Armor Threat Rating Level III multi-hit protection against 7.62 mm FMJ, steel jacketed bullets (U.S. Military designation M80) with a specified mass of 9.6 g (147gr) and a velocity of 2780 ft/s (+/- 30 ft/s).
Armor Shelf Life 20 Years
Armor Thickness 0.26"
Carrier Manufacturer Condor (China)
Plate Carrier Type Sentry
Plate Carrier Color Coyote
Carrier Construction Material Tactical Polyester Blend
Cummerbund No Cummerbund


Customer Reviews

Review from Gil R Review by Gil R
Would give more stars if they had them. Can't see building a better plate carrier rig for the money. Rifle-threat multi-hit protection, 120+ rounds at the ready (rifle pouches hold 2 Magpul or GI mags each) and comfortable. Amazing how well weight is distributed - maneuverability and the ability to drive/ride a vehicle are retained. Simply outstanding product. Do splurge for the curved plates. (Posted on 9/13/2016)
Review from Charlie Review by Charlie
Picked this up during the July 4th sale. What a great package. Purchased a 2nd for my wife. Hope to never need it. I'll deal with them again. (Posted on 8/14/2016)
Review from Bill H Review by Bill H
Great product and price. Excellent service and quick response when you contact them. Very very pleased with my purchase. Thanks for a job well done guys. (Posted on 3/20/2016)
Review from Jsiebels Review by Jsiebels
Product arrived as promised and in excellent condition. Friendly staff and a pleasure to talk to. I plan on ordering more products. (Posted on 3/19/2016)
Review from Bill Holland3FFC Review by Bill Holland3FFC
Received mine yesterday, super happy with it. First rate quality. Keep up the good work. (Posted on 3/9/2016)
Review from Sean Review by Sean
Awesome product! I was extremely impressed when I received my order. The quality was fantastic, and when I put the carrier on, it felt like it actually molded around me. I would recommend this to anyone, and if I ever purchase another carrier like this again, it'll be from AR500. (Posted on 2/22/2016)
Review from Andrew Review by Andrew
Very nice product. Plates are a little small for me but im also a pretty big guy with a large chest. The carrier is well balanced which helps desperse the weight of the plates. All in all im happy with what i got for the price. (Posted on 12/1/2015)
Review from Sparky Review by Sparky
Great gear. Well made. Glad I made the purchase.
Thanks for your support of The Fraternal Brotherhood of Marines.
Rob (Posted on 9/2/2015)
Review from Brian M Review by Brian M
Heavy, but wears well and close to the body. Value far exceeds the closet! (Posted on 8/17/2015)
Review from Josh groom Review by Josh groom
Great product great materials love the fact it's all made localy. Took a little longer than I thought but after looking into it and found out they only hire quality people to build these it made me feel better about what I was buying. (Posted on 8/12/2015)
Review from Rich G. Review by Rich G.
Great for smaller torsos, women, happy with the product. (Posted on 6/1/2015)
Review from Jared C Review by Jared C
This is exactly like described. Only wish i could have purchased the curved plate with buildup coating. But none the less. A very sturdy product. I pray i never have to use it. But im glad i have it just in case. Only complaint is the shipping time. But they actually got it out to me a week or two early.. Keep up the great quality work, i will be coming back. (Posted on 4/21/2015)
Review from Mike Review by Mike
This is a great price for a priceless piece of mind. It has some weight to it but if you have seen any of the videos you know this will not only save your life but possibly keep you from injury as well. (Posted on 3/23/2015)
Review from Scott Review by Scott
This is must have gear. Thanks guys for the great price (Posted on 3/17/2015)
Review from James Whalen Review by James Whalen
This is the best value for the money. I can not believe what I received. The quality is top notch, all the pouches, and it is actually comfortable to wear. I am a big guy so I was afraid it was going to be uncomfortable but to my surprise it fit nice and still have room!!! Thanks AR500 for a superior product at a great price! I look forward to purchasing more! (Posted on 3/13/2015)
Review from Shannon Carter Review by Shannon Carter
Outstanding. Great kit and great price.nthanks
(Posted on 2/3/2015)
Review from Brian V Review by Brian V
Nice quality, not as heavy as I had expected. This should really come in handy during my weekly chess matches as they have been getting pretty heated lately. (Posted on 2/3/2015)
Review from Charles schmidtke Review by Charles schmidtke
I couldn't be happier with my purchase the armor is great and even lighter than I anticipated. I am planning on getting several more, I can't speak highly enough about the great people I have contact with inside the company. Thank You. (Posted on 12/31/2014)
Review from John Review by John
It's hard to review something that you haven't totally used and hopefully I won't need it. The folks at ar500 were very helpful in helping with my purchase and given the high demand I received my level III plates and carrier in a timely manner. AR500 has an aforatable product that moat anyone that wants armor can afford. (Posted on 11/17/2014)
Review from Tim Davis Review by Tim Davis
Fits great, easy to move!!! (Posted on 10/22/2014)
Review from Hubert Review by Hubert
It is what it is, an affordable alternative to high dollar composite armor. On the other hand, I have no doubt that it would stop a bullet, rifle or otherwise. It may be heavy, (a complaint I've heard voiced from others,) but if you're going into a situation where gun fights may be imminent, I think the weight would be the least of your concerns. This is armor for the masses, so buy it before some knuckle head outlaws it. (Posted on 9/1/2014)
Review from Shawgunner Review by Shawgunner
Good carrier and even better plates. My dad and brother and I bought this for our cousin, who's wife wouldn't let him drop money on this. It fits him perfectly. Provides protection for the front and back as advertised. Level III is always the way to go. Don't listen to those who give weight complaints. Level III is for guys who are serious about training for that potential gunfight. If you can't hump a few level III plates around, you should prolly find another hobby. Cuz level III and IV (which I'm waiting on you guys to make!) are the only things that defeat rifles. If you're not willing to wear heavy hard plate, then you aren't willing to survive that fight. And if your complaining about price, ar500 gives you the biggest bang (or rather, stops that bang) for your buck. Just ask your self, how much is your life worth? How much is your family's life worth? How are you gonna protect them when SHTF, and youre dead because you didn't want to purchase what you needed. Just sayin! (Posted on 8/25/2014)
Review from Stacy Radny Review by Stacy Radny
I would love to have one..from what I hear it excellent tactical gear!!! (Posted on 8/24/2014)
Review from Mike S Review by Mike S
Perfect for tactical training to offer some protection at a reasonable price. If I had to wear everyday would opt for even lighter than the IIIA steel plates substituted in. (Posted on 7/29/2014)
Review from Damien Hunter Review by Damien Hunter
Very good price and fits well only complaint is it will only hold one ar10 mag in each pouch but other then that its great (Posted on 7/17/2014)

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