HSGI Baton Pouch with Glock 33 round
  • HSGI Baton Pouch with Glock 33 round
  • HSGI Baton Pouch with MP5 magazine
  • HSGI Baton Pouch Multicam
  • HSGI Baton Pouch Black
  • HSGI Baton Pouch Back with MALICE clip
  • HSGI Baton / MP5 / Glock 33 round mag pouch

HSGI Collapsible Baton Pouch (MP5/Glock 33rd Mag)


Price: $18.00


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High Speed Gear (HSGI) Collapsible Baton Pouch (MP5 and Glock 33 Round MOLLE magazine pouch)

The HSGI Collapsible Baton Pouch will hold most full size collapsible batons, Glock 33 round extended mags, MP5 mags or other equivalent sized stick magazines. Secures via a click release buckle and also features a double retention Velcro flap which can be used in conjunction with the quick release buckle. When maintaining a low noise profile is critical, the Velcro flap can be folded down and acts as a silencing strip using only the quick release buckle for retention.

Attaches to MOLLE webbing via (1) MALICE clip which is included with the magazine pouch.



Dimensions: 1.5"D x 1.5" W x 8"L

Available Colors: Black, Coyote, MultiCam

Made in the USA!



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